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August 26, 2012 - MGH

Sunday Night – Maine Ghost Hunters -

Join MGH Media Team Members for a casual look at paranormal topics for tonight’s show.




ZeroLux Radio Show – Sunday Night Format

8:00 Host – Tony – introduces tonight’s show topics and guest(s)
8:05 Members of MGH join Tony for casual discussion of MGH involvements
8:15 MGH-John presents his highlighted interest in this week’s “Tech Corner”
8:30 Host – Tony – showcases tonight’s guest -  It’s us!

listeners are encouraged to call-in after 8:30 to interact with guest(s) and host

9:30 MGH-Teresa presents us with 2 “interesting” paranormal videos of the week
9:59 Host – Tony – brings the show to a close





MGH-Erika’s Video Pick of the week
YouTube Video – Odd Animal Very Strange, Here in Maine, Dog Like with Rats Tail



MGH-John’s Video Pick of the week #1
A New FLIR i-Series has arrived


MGH-John’s Video Pick of the week #2
ITC Mobile Training Unit (MTU) Conquest



MGH-Teresa’s Paranormal Video Picks of the week #1
One Of The Best UFO Sighting Of 2012 So Far

My question is why is the camera operator not wearing gloves in this snowy journey? What do you think about this video, real or fake?



MGH-Teresa’s Paranormal Video Picks of the week #2
Top 20 UFO Sightings 2012 Watch Now!

A compilation of the best 20 UFO video sightings in 2012


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