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January 23, 2011 - Arwin John Raúl González


We're excited to announce our live internet radio show interview with Arwin Gonzalez, of Malaysia.  Arwin is a proud member of the International Ghost Hunters Society, and through the paranormal community in his home country, he is certified as a Ghost Researcher, Paranormal Investigator, Paranormal Counselor, Electronic Voice Phenomena Researcher, Phase Displacement Practitioner, and Certfied Instructor.  It is pretty obvious to us that Arwin is a busy guy, so we're even more honored he has the time to speak with us.


In Arwin's own words – "My vision is to provide information and to share my research findings with those interested in knowing more about ghosts… always believe that the Scientific methods of ghost research through camcorder, digital camera, film or even an audio recording can help us to understand ghosts better and how to handle our daily lives when we bump into them."


Arwin, on his team – Malaysian Paranormal Research Paranormal Investigators Team (MPRPI) -  "This team was formed on 1st November 2007 which is based in IPOH,PERAKEast Malaysia. I have taught the members of the team the high standards and protocols based on IGHS standards, and their research findings prove that they have meet the standards and requirements to conduct proper paranormal investigations."







Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux Radio



8:00 pm  – Introduction

8:05 – MGH-Spiritual Lead, David, draws a tarot card for our listeners & offers his outlook for the week

8:10 pm – Shara with the latest and greatest paranormal news and other topics to get us thinking

8:15 pm – Carrie's paranormal media pick of the week

8:30 pm – The introduction of the evening's guest – Arwin John, founder of the Malaysian based team MPRPI

8:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Carrie presents us with random and incredible, or possibly "barely credible", fun facts and trivia bits


We Invite Listeners To Call In after 8:30 To Interact With Guests and Hosts


9:30 pm  – Taphophile Corner with Windy

9:45 pm  – Spiritual Passages with MGH Spiritual Team Lead, David

9:59 pm  – We wrap it up and say goodbye until next week




MGH-Shara's Paranormal News Pick


First in a Series of Dan Aykroyd's "Unplugged on UFOs"  Documentary from 2008 by David Sereda.


This first video will talk about Dan's interest in UFOs.  He will give his personal thoughts on UFOs and

UFO Sightings Today

Most famous documents sighting he recounts is the Mexico (May 5, 2004) taken by Infra-red surveillance cameras which was shown on FOX & CNN.  Our military caught wind of the story and quickly released a statement that it was reported as swamp gas (which would be visible to the naked eye.)  There were 11 unidentified objects, some where in pairs and threes all in a formation of some sort though.   (3 positive on radar & 8 negative on radar).  The Mexico government released a report and photos to the public.  Another UFO sighting report was released on November 2, 2004 by the Mexico government detailing similarities to the May 5 report.

Another famous documented sighting was the "Ken Arnold sighting" in July 1952 in the U.S. of the "V" shaped lights over the capital which was one of the first filed reports of unidentified objects in the U.S. and it started a rash of projects to study UFOs.  The US started to study UFOs through these projects but would release reports stating that these were sightings were hoaxes or weather related issues to lay fears of the public to rest.

UFO Technology:

Aykroyd believes that UFOs have technology that is 1000, 10 million, 1billion light years ahead of ours.  He also talks about our technology and how quickly it advanced from 1903 from the Wright Brothers in just 100 years time just think if we were around another 1000 years to work on it what we could accomplish. Aykroyd also describes how aliens probably travel here from the 4th dimension.  (during the video there are shots of unidentified objects in space taken by sataellite cameras.) 

Quote:  "Biggest Cover-ups Ever; UFOs are as real as the planes that fly over your heads."  





MGH-Carrie's Media Pick of the Week




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