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January 18, 2011 – April Slaughter


Maine Ghost Hunters is proud to present April Slaughter as our guest on Sunday January 16, 2011.  April is currently a staff writer for TAPS Paramagazine, co-founder of the Dallas based non-profit research group – The Paranormal Source, and owner of the highly coveted "Frank's Box". 


An excerpt from April's personal website explains her best:

"In 2006, April submitted her first article to TAPS Paramagazine (published by The Atlantic Paranormal Society and the SciFi Channel's Ghost Hunters), entitled The Haunting of Lehi Hospital. She was asked to continue writing for the publication as a staff journalist and also became the magazine's Customer Service Manager. April was presented with the opportunity to travel with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson to represent the magazine at different events, also assisting with TAPS' merchandising and visiting some of the most famous haunts in the country. She moved with her twin daughters from Utah to Rhode Island to work in the magazine office in 2007.

In January of 2008, April and Allen founded The Paranormal Source, Inc. a non-profit research and education corporation based in the Dallas area. The Paranormal Source has created a unique network of experts consisting of some of the most well-respected names in the paranormal field to serve on their Advisory Board of Directors, including such notables as Rosemary Ellen Guiley, John Zaffis, and Loren Coleman. The Paranormal Source, Inc. is also proud to be a TAPS Family Member for the state of Texas. As the Executive Director, April manages the investigative team, marketing for the corporation, and is also often asked to speak at various paranormal functions."



Catch our live interview with April Slaughter on Sunday January 16, 2011 on the BlogTalkRadio network.  The Maine Ghost Hunters Radio Show runs from 8:00 pm EST to 10:00 pm EST and can be found at the address below:




8:00 pm  – Introduction

8:05 – MGH-Spiritual Lead, David, draws a tarot card for our listeners & offers his outlook for the week

8:10 pm – Shara with the latest and greatest paranormal news and other topics to get us thinking

8:15 pm – Carrie's paranormal media pick of the week

8:30 pm – The introduction of the evening's guest – April Slaughter; Researcher, Author, Investigator, and TAPS Paramagazine writer

8:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Carrie presents us with random and incredible, or possibly "barely credible", fun facts and trivia bits


We Invite Listeners To Call In after 8:30 To Interact With Guests and Hosts


9:30 pm  – Taphophile Corner with Windy

9:45 pm  – Spiritual Passages with MGH Spiritual Team Lead, David

9:59 pm  – We wrap it up and say goodbye until next week











MGH-Shara's Paranormal News Video


Israel Shoots Down UFO

As released by CNN this December as one of the original new media reporting sources, Israel announced today of shooting down a mysterious UFO hovering near Dimona Nuclear Plant.  The debris was not been recovered so it has not been tested and it is unclear exactly what the aircraft was or where it was from. The object is still unidentified, and despite the fact that military aircraft successfully targeted and shot down the UFO object, there is still no official word on the device's origin or nature.  The official story our of CNN and Israel at this point, is that the object, whatever it was, has proved impossible to find after the incident.  Interestingly enough, this isn't the first time Israel's Dimona nuclear facility has reached mainstream news.









MGH-Carrie's Media Pick of the Week


Fantastic Anomaly in Haunted Bedroom

For those who might not know, Haunted Earth is  considered the original paranormal video site on the internet. They have tons of evidence on video with over two hundred videos on you tube. It made it very hard to choose just one of their videos. This  particular one, was shot in September of 2007, by Chris Halton. Chris is the founder of Haunted Earth and he happens to have a very haunted master bedroom where a child ghost named  Ellie likes to stay.  In this video Chris asks Ellie to show herself and show herself she does!





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