April 3, 2011 - Author - Rosemary Guiley

If you read paranormal titles there's a pretty good chance you've read something by the talented, and repeatedly published – to the tune of 45 titles – Rosemary Ellen Guiley.  She's been researching the paranormal for over 30 years, and is associated with such names as John Zaffis, Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and Chris Deadman.  If ever there was a reason why many of us flocked to the "parnormal" topics center in our local bookstores or libraries Ellen is probably "it".  Without authors like Ellen many of us who grew up intrigued by the unexplained and unknown never would have been exposed to what has become our passion in our adult years.   "Thank you, Rosemary!"


As per Rosemary's website www.VisionaryLiving.com :

"My interest in these subjects began early in life, stimulated by precognitive dreaming in my family. I was naturally drawn to the paranormal and knew from an early age that the psychic is real. My research into the paranormal eventually led me into the spiritual and mystical. I’ve also spent time pursuing psychic skill training, meditation techniques, and energy healing, all of which have aided my research.

I’ve experienced many paranormal phenomena myself, much of which I have described in my books and articles. I participate in investigations, such as of haunted places. I’m especially interested in the way people cross thresholds to an awareness of other-dimensional realities, either spontaneously or through training of consciousness. I have a great appreciation of the technology side of investigations. We definitely need both soft and hard aspects in paranormal research."




Format for "Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux Radio"


8:00 pm  – Introduction

8:05 pm – Shara with the latest and greatest paranormal news and other topics to get us thinking

8:15 pm – Carrie's paranormal media pick of the week

8:30 pm – The introduction of the evening's guest(s) -  Author – Rosemary Ellen Guiley

8:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Carrie presents us with random and incredible, or possibly "barely credible", fun facts and trivia bits


We Invite Listeners To Call In after 8:30 To Interact With Guest and Hosts


9:30 pm  – Taphophile Corner with Windy

9:45 pm  – Spiritual Passages with MGH Spiritual Team Lead, David, who will offer us some spiritual insight into the upcoming week

9:59 pm  – We wrap it up and say goodbye until next week




MGH-Kat's Paranormal News #1



MGH-Kat's Paranormal News Video of the Week




MGH-Carrie's Paranormal Media Pick

Number 8 on the list of the most haunted places in the world: The Pantheon in Rome. Thought to be haunted by many, but the most famous ghost in The Pantheon… King Vittorio Emanuelle ll. Could this video really show the ghost of the famous king? Let us know what you think. 

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