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November 8, 2012in Archives, ParaFraud

MGH Presents: Fraud in Paranormal - "Smoke and Mirrors" Video Podcast

This NEW ENGLAND based team has been perpetrating fraud by stealing the identities of random people on the internet and using their photos to create fake member profiles for their organization. Why? To convince outsiders their organization is larger than it is, has a wider reach than it does, and has "expert" members it simply does not have. Today's fraud alert phrase of the day is - "FAKE MEMBER PROFILES", and we present 5 of them, to you, in this video. View project
November 7, 2012in Archives, ParaFraud

November 7, 2012 - Fraud in Paranormal - Special Guest - Jenny Stewart

Jenny Stewart is a nationally recognized paranormal podcaster, paranormal investigator, ghost box expert, and another peer within our community of paranormal who has personal experience being the target & victim of fraud within paranormal. Listen as Jenny explains how the leader & founder of a NEW ENGLAND based paranormal organization created, and portrayed themselves as, numerous fake identities - both in real life and on popular social networking sites - as a means to win the confidence of potential new members, and established paranormal peer groups, alike. View project
Jenny Stewart - November 7, 2012
November 4, 2012in Archives

Sunday November 4, 2012 - Native ME Ghost Stories & Giant Human Skeletons

Ancient Native Maine Ghost Stories in the form of petroglyphs? Oh yes! And Giant Human Skeletons? How can this show get any better? View project
October 24, 2012in Archives

Wednesday October 24, 2012 - Werewolves & Time Travel

Time travel, werewolves, and the technical aspects of sound waves vs. radio waves - it's what's happening tonight on ZeroLux Radio! View project
October 14, 2012in Archives

Sunday October 14, 2012 - Worldwide "Mystery Sounds"

"Mystery Sounds" are being heard all over the world and the recordings have been making appearances on YouTube, with questions of their validity and meaning. What do you make of it all? View project