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Past Guests & Radio Show Blog

January 9, 2011 - Ellis Byrd of The Haunted Bissman Building

"...he often told me the story of one of his grandfathers employees that had lost his head in a terrible accident while ridding the elevator on his last day of employment at The Bissman Company. I believe that is where the old saying that still lingers around conversations about the building “Not all employees left at the end of their shift” got its beginning. As the story goes…" View project
The Haunted Bissman Building - January 9, 2011

January 2, 2011 - Brian and Nick of Crossover Paranormal

Brian and Nick want to be able to work with other groups out there so they can learn from them and help other groups out there along the way. They have decided to call themselves Crossover Paranormal. Which is why Brian and Nick are conducting Ghost Hunting classes at Poasttown Elementary school in Middletown Ohio. They explain everything from the equipment, to techniques, and everything in between. Brian has also given the classes for local museums and historical societies. View project
Crossover Paranormal - January 2, 2011

Windy – On pets that have "passed"

Having recently lost her long-time companion of almost 20 years, it seemed natural to pay respects to the cat that brought Windy and her family so much joy and laughter. View project

Deborah Perkins of Maine Extreme Paranormal

Deborah Cheney-Perkins is, by all rights, a very busy woman. She is co-founder and team lead for a southern Maine paranormal research team called Maine Extreme Paranormal, as well as the team lead, supervisor, and organizer of the Maine-based pilot program geared toward introducing interested youth into the field of paranormal via [Maine] Teen Extreme Paranormal, a group she created which has managed to attract attention from across the country. View project

ChandraMa – April 18, 2010

ChandraMa has been on her spiritual path her whole life but was truly awakened when she met her first living and formal Spiritual Teacher, a Guru named Bhagavan. He introduced her to meditation, yoga, Self-realized Master Sri Ramana Maharshi and gifted her with the name of ChandraMa. Bhagavan taught her to seek the truth, live simply with love and compassion, ask questions, continue to learn and share what she has learned and experienced with others so that they too can move forward on their spiritual path. View project