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ZeroLux Radio schedules the first 2014 Fraud in Paranormal interview

No Holds Barred, our Fraud In Paranormal podcast series has produced some of our most downloaded episodes of all time.   We’ve been producing podcasts for a while, so that’s saying something.   What it tells us is, people want to know what’s going on in paranormal.  They want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly – and we can guarantee, there’s a lot of “ugly” out there.  The dark side of paranormal doesn’t get nearly enough attention as it should, and that puts clients, client locations, and paranormal peer groups at risk of being victimized; a scenario we’re working hard to cut off at the pass.  When teams cross paths with someone in paranormal who shouldn’t be entering private client homes due to their criminal history, it’s in everyone’s best interest they know about that criminal history so they can take safeguards to protect their team name and their client’s personal safety.  This is common sense, and it’s only right that teams step up and speak out.

In this episode we’ll be interviewing a Central Maine resident who alerted us to, yet another, case of a team posing as Maine Ghost Hunters.   With all the teams in Maine, and all the teams using names similar to ours, it’s not that hard to consider we’d all want to go out of our way to make sure our individual team identities are presented to the public as uniquely “us” as possible.  So when this resident told us she had numerous interactions by phone and by e-mail with the founders of this team, and they posed themselves as Maine Ghost Hunters, repeatedly to her, we raised an eyebrow.

While we’d like nothing more than to say this is a unique situation, the truth is, it simply isn’t.

Catch this podcast episode on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, or right here on the Maine Ghost Hunters media site.

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