February 28, 2014 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News

ZeroLux Radio launches a guest series to remember

Maine Ghost Hunters is excited to announce our first guest series in a really long time; the ever-hospitable, and equally intriguing, Horton family of Homeland Farm in Bridgton, Maine.

The Horton Family will appear individually as our guests on 3 separate episodes of this series, titled “The Legacy of Homeland Farm“, where they’ll each describe personal experiences they’ve had with the spirits of past loved ones who were born, lived, and passed at Homeland Farm. From Grandmother, to mother, to adult son, we’ll listen as 3 generations of Homeland Farm residents tell us what it’s like to wake up in the night to voices of relatives long passed, and how intriguing it is to be caught off guard by the spirit of a full body apparition who may be that of a family member they’ve never met personally. With so many heirlooms and personal history left behind, there may be something to the theory that spirits stick around after death because they’re attached to belongings they left behind.  At Homeland Farm, it’s the entire farm, and then some.

We hope you’ll join us live for each episode as it airs, but if you can’t make it, be sure to check them out ‘after the fact’ at BlogTalkRadio, on iTunes, or right here on the Maine Ghost Hunters Media site.

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