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ZeroLux Radio interviews multiple generations

Well, we announced it earlier, and we’re excited to say our “Legacy of Homeland Farm” podcast series is very much underway.  With 2 solid episodes recorded; Part 1 – Grandmother, and Part 2 – Daughter, we feel we’ve captured the essence of what it means to be an upper-tier family member living among relatives who have passed on within recent years.  Betty, the family’s matriarch, told us all about her personal experiences in her home, and in her family museum – which she affectionately calls “The Heritage Room”. And Carmen – the current owner of Homeland Farm – leaves us with a great impression she may not be the only one looking out for the best interests of the farm, the people who live there, or the animals who know Homeland Farm as “home”.  Having grown up at Homeland Farm, knowing its historic past and all those paranormal incidents she grew up knowing were part of day-to-day life there, Carmen has instilled the same level of acceptance in her own children.  It’s all simply a part of life on the farm, and anyone left behind is family – they’re still on the farm because they belong there.  It’s their home.

In our next installment of the “Legacy of Homeland Farm” we’ll interview Carmen’s oldest son, Cameron.  Cameron has had paranormal experiences as long as he can remember, and growing up in such an active environment has allowed him to develop a sensitivity to what’s been happening around him.

To listen to all 3 episodes of this fascinating and unique series find Maine Ghost Hunters on the BlogTalkRadio network, iTunes, or go directly to the Maine Ghost Hunters media site located at

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