November 30, 2011 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News

"Fraud in Paranormal" - It's what everyone's talking about

It's a subject every team talks about, whether they admit it or not, but it's not every team that goes live and discusses it "on the record" with victims and observers.  Our MGH Media team is all about bringing you the information you need to have in order to keep yourself, your team, and your clients, safe from predators within the field of paranormal.  Part of our "Fraud in Paranormal" series deals with interpersonal issues and matters pertaining to sketchy people and unethical behaviors, while another segment involves "haunted" site-location-managers making money off paranormal investigation teams, knowing the location(s) they represent have an attributed history which is, at best, inaccurate, and at worst, fabricated and false – money-making ventures put in place to take advantage of "the fad" of "ghost hunting".  There are many other "fraud in paranormal" shows among the mix, all directed toward public education and awareness.


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