August 15, 2011 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News

Our podcast archives are on fire!

We're still at it, working hard to bring you intelligent conversations with people in the field of "paranormal".  Our guests over the past few months have included international para-celebrities and local Maine residents, and our topics have reached multiple spectrums of the paranormal persuasion.  Among our guests, since January 2011, are: New England paranormal expert and author, Roxie Zwicker;  Paranormal researcher, investigator, and internet para-celebrity sensation CC The Huntress;  and PsyFi's very own, Ben Hansen, front man for the popular TV show "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files". 

Check out our media team's radio show announcement pages for a full line-up of our past guests where you can read guest biographies, listen to archived show, and watch hand picked videos we included in each episode. 

We encourage our listeners to access our podcasts via the iTunes network library, and to rate each episode with the nifty iTunes "5 star rating" system, and if all else fails, our shows are always archived directly on our blogtalkradio page.


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