November 30, 2011 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News

MGH joins up with Portland Public Library again!

What an amazing bunch of kids the Portland Public Library has involved with their Wednesday night teen group, and how lucky are we to be asked to explore the dark sanctums of usually "locked down" rooms and places only staff members are allowed to access?  Wicked!  The MGH crew revisited the Portland Room with eager teen investigators, where primary documents and hand-written diaries of widowed Captain's Wives are safely stored behind glassed-in shelving units.  Later, we hunkered down in the dark and silent lower level known for setting directly over an old burial yard once attached to a church that stood in that very place long before the library was built.  As always, everyone had a great time, and if you're a teen in the Portland area, we hope to have you join us the next time!

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