April 12, 2012 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in News

Fraud in Paranormal - View from the Inside

"View from the Inside" gives all our listeners a unique introspective into the criminal past of the current FOUNDER of a Paranormal Investigation Organization based out of NEW ENGLAND.  Our guest tells us what's not present in court records/court documentation based on his first-hand experiences and observations during the time he spent with the FOUNDER of this group.  This show has been quite popular since it was released to the public, being our 2nd most downloaded show of the year.  And, again, since this episode was released in November of 2011, that's saying something.  Have a listen and learn what it's like "behind the scenes" … a criminal history retrospective is what this show is all about. 

Download this show from iTunes or by visiting the website page it is hosted.

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