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Ghost Hunting events, and more, with Maine Ghost Hunters

Maine Ghost Hunters occasionally holds ghost hunting invitationals for members of the public.  We generally announce these ghost hunts at the Maine Ghost Hunters meetup site.  If you would like to join us at upcoming ghost hunts, and other MGH events, please join this free service by clicking here, and become a Maine Ghost Hunters meetup investigation team member today!
 The events listed on this page were held in the Halloween 2014 season.  They are examples of the types of experiences we offer our Maine Ghost Hunters Meetup Investigation Group members.




The Haunting of Hill Mansion Halloween Party Banner
The Haunting of Hill Mansion Halloween Party
*Open to the public. Buy tickets for this event  HERE.

You’re Cordially Invited to Attend “The Haunting of Hill Mansion” Halloween Party at 136 State St. in Augusta, Maine on October 31, 2014 from 6:00pm to 11:00pm, to Benefit Lithgow Library. It’s the Halloween Party event of the YEAR! A basic ticket price of $40 per person will include a 60′s theme costume party with; a LIVE Surf Band, dancing, hors d’oeuvres, a live “Mystic Articles” auction, and more!

And if you’re game for it, for an extra $20 per person there will be Ghost Tours available of the authentically haunted Governor Hill Mansion, guided by your very own Maine Ghost Hunters! The guided tours will bring you through the Governor Hill Mansion, from the highest floor in the attic level to the deepest levels of the basement, where you can inspect and experience, first hand, the true “real” haunted hot-spots activity has been witnessed over the years.

*** The haunted ghost tour will be 100% authentic. There will be NOTHING FAKE on this tour. There will NOT be Halloween props hanging anywhere, or people jumping out to scare you. What you experience is what is really happening. The Governor Hill Mansion is an authentically haunted location where people have encounters with unseen spiritual presences, full body apparitions, and paranormal phenomena on a regular and routine basis. This is NOT a Halloween Gimmick. This location IS highly spiritually active.

Also available for an extra $10 per person are tarot readings by a qualified an experienced reader!

Please, at the request of the party planning committee, NO ZOMBIE/BLOOD/GORE costumes!

Space is limited so tickets WILL sell out. Get yours ASAP!

Evening Itinerary:
Tours and Tarot Readings start promptly at 6:00pm
“Mystic Items” auction begins at 7:00pm
Live Band and Dance/Party begins at 8:00pmAppetizers will be available throughout the span of the party

Price Recap:

$40 is basic admission to the party, dancing, live music, auction
Haunted Mansion Tour – additional $20
Tarot Reading – additional $10

For Tickets Call (1-800) 838-3006
Buy in-person at Merkaba Sol
153 Water St. Augusta, ME

or buy online at

Join us and bring your friends!

  Investigate the old Colonial Theater (1913)

*Open to members of the Maine Ghost Hunters meetup investigation group.
If you aren’t a member, join today!  It’s free!

The Colonial Theater in Augusta’s waterfront district is an historic gem almost lost to time… almost.   Opened in 1913 it’s had a front row seat to some of Augusta’s most fascinating history before almost becoming “history” itself after being closed 1969. 

The people that have spent time in this theater, either working or as patrons, must be quite incredible – in terms of numbers, personalities, passions, and all those other qualities & characteristics you’d expect to leave a mark on the environment.   This building has housed personal highs, and personal lows, at one time or another, and with the nature of transient patronage you can only guess what’s been left behind – spiritually speaking, of course.

Recent rumor has it that there’s a strong presence making itself known in the old Colonial Theater.   Whoever ‘it’ is has taken to tugging shirts, pulling jackets, and putting noticeable pressure on arms and legs – as though a fellow volunteer in the building has laid a hand on the person feeling these sensations.  When the person turns around to see who’s there, they see they’re alone.

We figured we weren’t the only ones who want to get to the bottom of who this spirit presence could be, so we’re inviting you along to join us as we investigate the old Colonial Theater.

Investigations at the Colonial Theater will be focused in short burst sessions (roughly 2 hours) designed to conduct EVP sessions and take environmental readings, either with your equipment or via spiritual devices you may like to implore. 

The location is currently undergoing a massive reconstruction drive because it’s been sitting, pretty much, vacant since 1969.  As a paranormal investigator you may be well versed in the spiritual stirrings that can be roused during such “remodeling” efforts. 

That said, we must stress how rough the environment looks.   In addition to that… we must also stress, as paranormal investigators, this location is PRIME.  This is a paranormal investigator’s dream investigation location.  It’s laid empty for decades, deteriorating at it’s own pace, and housing whatever spiritual entities may have found it to be prime real estate – and make no mistake about it, this location sits less than 300 feet from the Kennebec River, it is, without a doubt, prime real investigation real estate.  Its entire back side is open to the spiritual power the river holds, harbors, and carries.  This location is unlike any other we’ve investigated in the state of Maine.   




Investigate The Ghosts of Fort Western (1754) with Maine Ghost Hunters

*Open to members of the Maine Ghost Hunters meetup investigation group.
If you aren’t a member, join today!  It’s free!

The Ghosts of Fort Western

Benedict Arnold used Fort Western as a staging point for his assault on Quebec in 1775 during the American Revolution He stayed in the area for a week or more as his bateaux were completed and supplies loaded. Some of Arnold’s officers, including Daniel Morgan, Aaron Burr, and Henry Dearborn, lodged in the Fort’s main house.”

The history here is thick, local, pertinent, and present.  And if that doesn’t do it for you we even have a reported murder  on the grounds of Fort Western in the early 1920′s by a resident of the Fort Western house.

We invite you to learn more about this Augusta, Maine National Historic Landmark by visiting the Fort Western website.