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In Spring of 2008 I (Kat) had been invited to join a paranormal investigation “club” in central Maine.  Not knowing any of the members and being a bit weary of heading into dimly lit and potentially haunted darkened spaces with strangers I asked Tony (my husband) to accompany me.  All went well with meeting the leaders of the new ‘club’ and we were soon on our way to our first investigation.   To say Tony and I had experienced spiritual activity at this location would be an understatement.  Much to our surprise, while others in the ‘club’ collected little to no evidence in the areas they had investigated, our personal experiences were almost as numerous and intriguing as the amount of data we collected on our audio recorders.  Class-A EVPs which were undeniable and so obviously unquestionable, it’s easy for me to state that we’ve had an extremely low number of cases that have come close to what we recorded and experienced at this place during our first investigation.

Shortly after this case was closed we were notified of another upcoming investigation date scheduled for a few weeks in the future. This would be our 2nd investigation ever.  We’d been told a bit about the location but it was a private residence so we didn’t have much information to go on in terms of what might be waiting for us when we walked through the door. We had a brief backstory and some highlights of the current resident’s experiences, but for the most part, the full scope of what was going on in this home spiritually was left unmentioned.

The closer we got to the date of this private residential investigation the more strange dreams, nightmares, and anxiety (which I’m not prone to) I started to have.   This caused me to reach out to David, who was not a part of this ‘club’, to ask him of some spiritual modalities I could use to protect myself during my time at this location.  David has been very active within the spiritual community, both as student and teacher, for decades so it made perfect sense to reach out to him for his personal suggestions and expertise on the matter.  Thankfully, he offered me a few protection stones I was advised to carry with me in my pockets, particularly during the investigation time.  But, as the days wore on and the nightmares and anxiety increased – for reasons I could not explain and which I was thoroughly confused by – I wound up calling him a few additional times to ask for stronger modalities to ensure my protection.  Finally, a couple of days before the investigation was to take place he asked me point blank, “would you like me to come along?”, to which I exhaled a huge sigh of relief and excitedly responded “yes”.

This investigation and the recorded results from this location wound up leading us to the reasons we formed Maine Ghost Hunters.

The first investigation we did yielded some great EVPs and was a lot of fun, with positive energy at the location and spirits that communicated with eagerness and openness.  If you’ve ever conducted a paranormal investigation you probably know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, I’ll tell you, there are different types of spirits; those who communicate openly, eagerly, and positively.  Those who try to communicate but who can’t seem to make it work for them as well as they’d like – almost like their effort isn’t paying off and you can hear, see, or otherwise sense their frustrations.  And those which are guarded, secretive, not entirely open, and dare I say ‘dark’ with their intentions.  These spirits are often more likely to be called ‘entities’ and they may leave you with a sense of foreboding.  A feeling that isn’t entirely pleasant.  It doesn’t have to be ‘negative’ but it certainly isn’t ‘positive’, either.

Well, the latter is what we were dealing with during our second investigation, only it was worse than that – it was downright deeply dark, and though we didn’t know it at that time, this residence held within it a negativity rarely matched in our future as paranormal investigators. It was a case no unseasoned investigators should have been involved with – for their sake as newbies, but more for the sake of the clients who had to live in the residence long after we left.

After having strong and disturbing experiences within the location during the investigation, and finding equally disturbing EVPs I was not entirely prepared for – including 1 single EVP in which an adult male with a very dark tone spoke to a small child and both were directly responded to with the repetition of multiple deep pig snorting sounds … I decided I had my work cut out for me.  Paranormal Investigating had taken a most interesting turn, one which I had not anticipated, but which I was equally fascinated to have collected actual reviewable evidence that could be experienced by another person as many times as they wanted to replay it.  I was hooked on the skeptic approach because I could say to someone “this place is haunted, and if you don’t believe me, listen to this recording”.

As it turned out, this paranormal investigation ‘club’,unbeknownst to me, had developed a completely opposite mentality, mind-set, & goal which leaned much further into the ‘psychic’ spectrum than any of us were led to believe when we informally joined their ranks.  And while we were greatly appreciative of our time spent with the group, it was made clear that we had contrasting opinions on how we should be moving forward.  For the most part, our view was, and continues to be, ‘anyone can go into a location and tell you they think it’s haunted and they’re seeing and hearing spirits, but unless you can see and hear those same spirits yourself, you’ve gained nothing’ – and more importantly, your clients have gained nothing.  Team leadership retained the view that a ‘psychically’ oriented team was more in favor with the goals of their group and so parting ways seemed to be in the best interests of all.

By mid-summer of 2008 Maine Ghost Hunters was formed, and by Fall of that same year we had begun our journey toward the team we are today.  A skeptic-based organization with strong spiritual team leads whose opinion is highly respected but whose role is to support the measurable and recordable data we provide our clients.

Since its beginnings Maine Ghost Hunters has been a client centered organization led by 2 skeptics and a spiritual shaman.  We’ve traveled coast to coast to investigate haunted locations from Maine to California. We’ve researched, visited, and investigated internationally pertinent historic sites including castles and ancient graveyards in Europe, and the Mayan Ruins of Chichen-Itza, Coba, and Tulum, to name a few.

While I (Kat) had spent my ‘teen through college’ years studying and researching every paranormal and parapsychology title available through our state’s lending library system, David had already grounded himself on the foundation of spiritual teachings which had set him on his path toward enlightenment.  And even though I had initially asked Tony to join me as I took my first steps into actual, physical, hands-on “Ghost Hunting” his role as MGH Team Leader has been a perfect fit for him. His technical knowledge is what keeps our website looking great and our equipment base sharp and on-point. Together we keep MGH rolling forward and working for the best interests of the clients we graciously volunteer our time and services to.