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The Dark Side of Disney

One might ask, “Why would the happiest place on earth be haunted?”. Well, in my opinion, the answer is an easy one. Why WOULDN’T one want to spend eternity in the happiest place on earth?

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October MeetUp Investigation!

Every now and again Maine Ghost Hunters offers an opportunity to investigate with our team on one of our outings.  So far, this October, we have offered the unique investigation experience of spending time in the Mill Agent’s House in Vassalboro, Maine for an overnight investigation in October.   If you would like to join us, register on our site and check out the details.

The Mill Agent’s House was one of the season finale featured stories on the 2010 season of A&E Bio Channel’s “My Ghost Story” which ran this past summer.  Our team has pulled some impressive evidence from this location and the owner, who has been gracious enough to allow us to bring our meetup group to his home, has piles of evidence and personal stories that have been collected over the years.

Grove Cemetery

Location: Grove Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Road

City:  Brunswick/Freeport,

On Monday October 6, 2008 MaineGhostHunters Tony and Kat took a drive to a location neither had previously been to before, for a short investigation with a primary purpose of using our Ghost Box for the first time.  This is what Kat has to say about the day’s events.

The drive to this particular location was somewhat unplanned. I knew about this cemetery because I had been by it before, but I hadn’t actually gone inside it or anything, so while I knew it was there, it was still virgin ground for us as investigators.  Our reason for being out that day, at this cemetery in particular, was to test out our new ghost box.  Tony had modified the Radio Shack am/fm model 20-125 a while back and we hadn’t gotten around to using it yet so we wanted to take it to a location away from our house where spirit activity might be prevalent.

Now, I’m a firm believer that spirits don’t stick solely with their physical bodies once they pass one from this life, but I also believe that we, as people, know our loved ones visit graves from time to time to pay homage to those people who may have affected our lives in some way or another.   If we know they they’re probably going to be visiting where we’re buried, and we know we can’t make contact with them at other “normal” locations they’d be at, like in their homes or in their cars, or what have you, then what other place would make sense to try and make contact?   At least at a graveyard they’re more likely to be wanting to make contact, why else would they go to a place to visit someone who’s been deceased for however-long?  People go to burial grounds for a few reasons; to make peace, to show respect, to pay homage, to grieve, and sometimes, to receive some sort of sign from the other side.,www.maineghosthunters.orgSo anyway, we made our way into the cemetery, and I have to tell you, it was really not at all a creepy place.  The cemetery is wide open, bright and airy, and there’s even a couple of new glossy stone benches to sit on.   There are some fantastic monuments to be seen in this cemetery, and the overall area is pretty expansive.   There are old burials as well as new ones throughout the grounds, so you really get a strong mix of time-periods, and in some cases you get a strong sense of family because there’s quite a few generations of similar names and heritage lines buried in close proximity to each other.

When we started our ghost box session we decided to ask for the older generation to step forward.   We had never really done this before so we weren’t entirely sure what we should be doing or how we should be going about it.  After we asked the older generation to communicate with us it seemed we were getting “possible” responses from the box, but being realists we also admitted that those sounds and words coming from box could be just as much “random” as “purposeful”, so we let them go.  We considered our ghost box session up to this point to be uneventful and unsuccessful. 

It was after this failed attempt at making contact with the older, wiser, crowd that we asked them to step back and we appealed to the lesser number of deceased population in the cemetery (at least we hoped that was the case).  We asked the younger crowd to step forward, anyone under the age of 20 was invited to make contact with us.  Here’s how it went:

GB:  Five  (5)

Tony: It just said 5?
Kat: 5? Under the age of 20?

Tony: can you tell us what your name is? your first name?


Kat: Timmy, did you hear that?

GB: Matt
Kat: Matt?

Tony: Judy

Kat: [Heard it]

GB: 3 of them

Kat: It just said 3 of’em, and then … then it just said Three of’em.

One of the more significant events we experienced while at this cemetery and while using this ghost box is that we continued asking questions about the kids, and learned that “Timmy” (as, heard in the above session) was 14/15 years old when he died and no matter where we looked we couldn’t find a “Timmy” anywhere on the grounds.  We chalked this up to a sort of failure, and a learning experience for future sessions, letting this be a reminder that we need to be careful of what we really are hearing and what we’re really not hearing.

Later on in the ghost box session we had received messages from the device which led us to believe we should be looking for something “red” beside one of the headstones.  There was nothing “red” within site so, always within site of Tony, I set off on a solo jaunt through the cemetery to see what I could find.  While I was walking the grounds Tony was holding the ghost box and began to communicate with it.   When I returned I noticed he was walking around in the center of the cemetery while holding the ghost box out in front of him so he could clearly hear what was being said from it.  He told me the ghost box had told him to look for “Curtis” in the “middle” of the cemetery.  Apparently, “Curtis” was a name that was said repeatedly and Tony couldn’t deny it any more, so he went searching for a headstone by that name.  He hadn’t yet found it when I arrived, so when he told me what he was looking for and how he came to understand where to look for it, I took the direction as well.

From our perception, the box was giving us directions on where to walk.  “Middle”, “back up”, “look”, etc… by the time we were finished we were standing among a family plot area with a large number of “Curtis” headstones.  It was a strange experience and from a skeptical point of view, I suppose it could have been one that started with a subconscious noticing of the headstones as we walked into the cemetery.  It’s a stretch, but I suppose it’s almost as reasonable as thinking a radio could throw out random words and lead us to a cluster of “Curtis” headstones.    At this point, I didn’t know what to think.

During another section of this ghost box session Tony had told me, a couple of times, that he kept hearing the word “Frank”.   He was sure we should be paying attention to this name but it wasn&
#039;t enough to find A Frank, he needed a last name to put the “questionable” nature of this “random shot in the dark” possibility, to rest.  Here’s how this portion of the session went down.

Looking for Frank

Tony:  Ok, I’m gonna ask again.  Can you tell me the first name

GB: Say What
Kat: Say What?
GB: I’ll Keep talking

Tony:  Can you give me the first name of the spirit I am looking for?

GB: [not clear in this recorded audio session]

Tony: did that say Frank?
Kat: Did it say Frank?  Again?

GB: Frank
Tony: You need to make it very clear

GB: Daniel

Tony: Danielle
Kat: Okay. Whe- Daniel? or Danielle?
Tony: Danielle

Tony:  Can you tell me the last name now?

Kat: 3 of’em?

Tony: You need to say the last name very clear.

GB: Byrom
Kat: -
Tony: Byrom

Kat: Oh my god, I’m gonna start to freak out if that was – that was sooo. What was the name?
Tony: Maybe it was Isaac we heard instead of Frank

[we're walking toward the Byrom headstone, looking at all names of headstones that are in the immediate vicinity. we meet up on the left side-edge of the Byrom headstone just as Tony finishes saying "maybe it was isaac we heard instead of Frank"]

Kat: That’s Frank Byrom
Tony: Oh my god.  1957, and his wife Mary, we heard Mary over there.

I find that particular sound file to be a little challenging, but the information is there, and hopefully you can understand what’s being said in it.   We weren’t planning on doing anything with the audio file, in terms of the ghost box session, so we didn’t record for the purposes of replaying the session later.  We were mainly recording for EVP’s and admittedly, some of the lower toned sounds and words spoken from the radio are a little difficult to hear.

At one point during our time in the cemetery Tony decided he needed to hunt down a name the ghost box had said.  Since I had already gone on a solo jaunt through the grounds I decided to let him take this one himself, which left me standing alone with the ghost box in my hand.  In a laissez faire sort of way I asked the ghost box to say my name, and this is what transpired.

“Can you say my name?”

Kat: Can you say my name? My name’s Kathy, can you say it?
GB: Kat

Kat: Thank you…tha-that’s….that made-that’s great
GB: And Michael

Kat: What? What did – wh- …

I have a brother named Michael.   As you might be able to tell, I was a little thrown aback by the fact that my brother’s name was said.  In fact, when I heard it, I was genuinely speechless, and like I’ve said before, that rarely ever happens. 

After the “Frank” & “and Michael” incidents happened, our time there was quite limited – by choice.   We were getting pretty anxious to head out of the grounds and to put this box away for another time.  A time when we could really come to terms with what did, or what did not happen there in that cemetery on this day.   Did we really hear what we thought we did?  Did the ghost box send us to the “Curtis” memorials?  Did it tell us to look for “Frank… Byrom”. Afterall, when it said the name “Byrom” I was certain it was saying the name “Byron”.  Byron is n’t a common name, but it is a name.  And while I was trying to bring some sort of order to all that was running through my mind about how we could justify that what we thought was happening, wasn’t happening at all, I had to be honest and admit that “Byrom” is extremely, close to the name “Byron”, especially when you hear it on a radio, outdoors, and have never heard the name “Byrom” before.  You’re far more likely to translate a word you haven’t heard before, into a word you are more comfortable with hearing.  Hence, the reason “Byrom” was heard (or even said) as “Byron”.

We were discussing all of this, and much more, as we made our way back to the car and came upon a large family monument with the name “James” Small on it.  The man had lived into his 80′s or 90′s and had a grandson who was also named “James” who had lived only to the age of 14 or 15  (we didn’t actually take note of the months of birth/death, so we aren’t sure if he was 14 or 15 when he died).  And on the younger James’ small square individual grave marker was written … “JIMMY”, which brought us back to the very start of our ghost box session when we reached a boy by the name of “Timmy”.   On our way out of the cemetery we had heard the name “James” a couple of times, which is the name of a dear and close relative of ours, so we weren’t sure what to do with the information.   In this very same sequence we had heard the words “Oh – Seven”.  Young Jimmy Small lived to the year of 1907 and died a young boy under the age of 20. 

Our final conversation with the ghost box ended like this:

Tony:  This is where you need to stay, this is where you were buried after you died.

GB:   We’re Buried?  or You’re Buried?

Kathy:  ?What?

Tony:   We’re Buried?

Kathy:  Oh my gawd Tony… I’m sorry but yes, you are, you’re buried.

GB:  Moved On?

Kathy:  Moved On?  Did it just say “Moved On”?

GB :  (faintly) Make it stop.

Kathy:  Make it stop?

GB:  Save(d) Us.

Tony:  This is graveyard, this is where people are buried when they’ve died.

GB: (faintly male voice) SO cold

Kathy:  So Cold?  Did you hear that?

Tony:  Uh huhh.  You need to move on, you shouldn’t stay here if you don’t like it here.

GB:  (Female voice) We need your HELP

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Maine Ghost Hunters… full steam ahead

                    Well, things are really starting to shape up around here for Maine Ghost Hunters.  We're finally getting a little eye candy added to the website. Tony put together a neat little logo, and I made a super-duper-nifty Maine Ghost Hunters banner.   The pages are really starting to come together quite seamlessly, and while we're still discovering new and exciting places our pages don't quite match up on internet browsers across the board, I think we're handling the edits pretty darned smoothly.  It's not too many sites that a person can go to and actually, realistically say, "this site works on all major browsers, not just Internet Explorer, but FireFox, Safari, and Opera as well".  It's great to have a coding guru working overtime on our site, or should I say "on our side" (*chuckle*).  There are some fantastic paranormal sites out there that really make for great website presences, and they help set the standard for what a positive web experience should be.   I feel very fortunate to have the ability to say we have a talented guy like TonyL. coding his heart out to make this thing work as wonderfully as it has since it's birth less than 2 weeks ago.

Other than the obvious, the face of the site and the content that's being added daily, (!Go Tony!  As I type this out, TonyL has just completed creating a brand new RSS news feed program especially for yours truly.  Thanks Tony!) our Maine Ghost Hunters experience, as a group, has been nothing short of … amazing.  I had no idea people would take to us as well as they have, or as openly as they have, considering how young our group is.  We went to the Psychic Fair at Fort Knox this past weekend and met some incredibly interesting people.  We networked with quite a few local, and not-so-local, paranormal investigators and came away from the experience feeling emotionally charged, and with a "the sky's the limit" mentality.


The Fort Knox Psychic Fair, itself, was fantastic.  We arrived just in time to hear the Bangor Ghost Hunter's Association give a talk on the different aspects of ghost hunting and the tools, tricks of the trade, and skepticism involved in having a fair and balanced perspective to serve the best interests of the clients as well as the field of parapsychology at-large.  We met a few eager beavers from that group and learned about some interesting facets of their organization.  It was great to put into perspective "where we are" as a young group with incredible potential, and "where we could be" in just a few years down the road.

The Fort itself is such an amazing throwback to the past.  I remember being in one of the tunnel areas, a few years back, and smelling a heavy dose of cigarette smoke.  I commented, quite audibly, through the pitch-dark to my family that there's a no-smoking rule in public places, which includes, especially-so, underground tunnels.  There's no ventilation down there and the smokey smell was so obviously thick in the area that it was hard to avoid.  As we continued down the hall it became apparent that there was no one but us in the immediate, or extended, vicinity.  The smell seemed to be specifically in that small area I was standing in and my husband, who was standing a good 10+ feet away from me, claimed he couldn't smell a thing.  It never occurred to me, at the time, that we may have been in the midst of a paranormal situation.    Cigarette smoke is one of those signature smells associated with paranormal, or "haunting", situations.  I had no idea, until 

recently, that Fort Knox was considered to be haunted, but alas, apparently it is.  We learned of the depth of some of the different haunted areas of the Fort from a psychic who was offering readings in one of the officer's quarters.  She said she was involved in an investigation of the Fort with another psychic who was also offering readings that day, and that they met a few interesting spirits along the way.  She told us of one particular man, an officer, who walks a particular hallway and made contact with her.  Of course, we felt compelled to ask where this guy hung out so we could take a gander down there and have a look-see for ourselves, and sure enough, after snapping only a few pictures we each discovered an interestingly intense orb on both of our digital camera view screens.  The orb photos weren't taken at the same time, and the orbs aren't in the same exact areas, but they are stunningly similar when viewed on the digital camera view screen. I haven't seen DavidH's orb in full view yet, but I have taken the time to insert mine in this blog entry to give everyone a chance to form their own conclusions and opinions.

After emerging from the tunnels and the innards of the Fort we headed back up to the main building to catch the next oralpresentation.  This talk was on the subject of Cryptozoology and was given by Maine's very own Cryptozoology expert, Loren Coleman.  For anyone who isn't familiar with Loren, he's been involved with the study of "hidden animals" for over 25 years.  He's written 30 books and has guest authored for stateside, and international magazines,  and consulted for TV shows such as "In Search Of", "Unsolved Mysteries", "Ancient Mysteries", "In Search Of History", "History's Mysteries", "MonsterQuest", to name just a few.  Loren settled here in Maine roughly 15 years ago and owns/operates the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.  The museum is in dire circumstances right now, and is on the verge of being lost forever due to circumstances surrounding a tax audit and the IRS.  Loren has sent out a plea for help, from the East coast to the West coast, and on the internet as well.

On our way to wrapping up our adventures at The Fort Knox Psychic Fair we were approached by a Channel-2 WLBZ 

news journalist for our "take" on the fair and our reasons for making ourselves a part of the whole experience.  We were more than happy to oblige!  The camera seemed to be everywhere we went and when the news piece ran on-air we can be seen in quite a few frames.  TonyL. was given a wonderful opportunity to represent our group in a 1-on-1 impromptu interview with WLBZ Backpack Journalist Scott Sassone.  They must have talked for a good 10 minutes, or so, which gave TonyL. a good chance to convey Maine Ghost Hunters' mission and methods.  DavidH. and I spent that time taking pictures of TonyL. during the interview, which we could later use to plaster all over our website in, as I've said before, a "shameless brag" of our first "on-air TV spot".  !Go Maine Ghost Hunters!  WOO-HOO!   We thank TonyL. for sending the message, loud and clear, that Maine Ghost Hunters concerns itself with the scientific and spiritual aspects of "ghost hunting" to the best benefit of our clients, as well as peer-groups involved with paranormal research. 

Since this interview, we've experienced a pretty steady run of positive results including an invitation to be a guest on a national paranormal radio show which will air at the end of the week.  We've also been presented with a few potential future investigations and have secured, as of this morning, 2 new investigations soon to be announced on the Maine Ghost Hunters website.  We've been inundated with busy-ness and new ideas to make our website a better online experience for visitors and hope to see an increase in site memberships as time rolls on.  We're doing what we can to get the message out that Maine Ghost Hunters means business.  Our focus is tight, our direction is "straight ahead".  We have structure, organization and a plan of action that's taking us places and we couldn't be happier about it.

Come visit us as  

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