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No, spirits and apparitions don't float…

If you base what you know about spirits on old books, cartoons, and media that exaggerate the abilities of a spirit, you may well think they float, fly, or glide from place to place. However, unless a spirit could do all of those things while alive, chances are they aren’t doing them in the afterlife.

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Angels of Christmas

Angels form a significant part of Christmas legends. In Greek, the word ‘angel’ means messengers. In the popular Christmas stories, angels are the messengers of God, who played a prominent part in the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. They are personified as heavenly creatures with a pair of wings and a halo. The wings symbolize immortality, virtue, peace, love, cleanliness and innocence, while the halo is the symbol of their native to heaven. Many fairy tales and bedtime stories are centered on them and their good deeds done to humankind. Read on to know more about Christmas angels.

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Taphophile Corner - Cemetery Legends

“It all begins with a meeting house that was built in 1793 in Readfield, Maine. At some point, a few decades later, the meeting house needed to be moved to Manchester. No one is exactly sure why, since… well… what records? It is said that the meeting house was loaded up onto logs and moved using oxen during one long cold winter.”

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