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Don't Fool Yourself, part 2

In my last blog I talked about editing software and how we can make mistakes using it and create false evidence. In this blog I want to focus a little more on gathering evidence in order to support your claims of paranormal activity.

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Don’t Fool Yourself

When it comes time to review all of the evidence you have collected there are many software products out there to help you with that long and daunting task. It seems that everyone has their favorite one to use, but when you finally get that new and improved program you need to be careful not to accidently fool yourself into thinking you just captured the best evidence ever

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EVP's: Frequencies and Software

” Sound is produced by vibration in an object when it moves the molecules of the medium (i.e.; air, water or solid) that the object is in, in waves of pressure. These waves are called Frequencies and are measured in Hertz (Hz). Frequencies are best described as a unit of measurement of a wave traveling over time, basically how fast these waves are moving. “

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