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Skeptic Night investigation

Well, we had a “psychic night” investigation, it’s only fair we have a straight-up “skeptic night” investigation, too, isn’t it?  Of course it is!  While our psychic night investigation expresses itself as a hugely popular event simply by the sheer numbers of participants it draws in, the skeptic night investigation is set up in quite the opposite manner.  When we put on an event that somewhat mirrors the processes Maine Ghost Hunters uses during our own investigations we can’t have too many people involved or the potential EVPs collected during the investigation can’t be depended on as evidence.  So, as a general rule, we keep the participant numbers with skeptic approach investigations to a much smaller affair and, as a result, investigators are more likely to have collected data they can work with when they get home.  That is the goal, after all, isn’t it?  To collect data that hasn’t been contaminated or which is dependable in the review process?  Sure seems like a reasonable goal to me – but then again, that’s coming from a Maine Ghost Hunters’ perspective.  (guilty as charged!)

3rd Eye Blind

What is the role of the psychic investigator within the matrix of Maine Ghost Hunters?

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The Devil Under Every Bed: Has Hollywood Perpetuated a Demon Myth?

…Perhaps the most galling thing about the demon explanation for the more frightening paranormal occurrences (not to mention the rush to believe that explanation) is that Hollywood is likely to blame, at least in part…

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What Makes a Skeptic?

“…I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t think a snotty, dismissive attitude qualifies as constructive skepticism. Rather, reasoned skeptics are an integral part of the paranormal community, challenging easy answers, over-zealous assumptions, and pseudo-scientific claims…”

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