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Places That Don't Impress Me: Winchester House

I find the Winchester Mystery House fascinating in its design, history, and legacy – but I do not, in the least, find this location to be a place haunted for the reasons Mrs. Winchester built this house. Read on to learn why…

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A Residual Pet Peeve

One of my biggest paranormal pet peeves…

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Intelligent vs. Residual

There’s intelligent hauntings and there’s residual hauntings… which are you dealing with?

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No, spirits and apparitions don't float…

If you base what you know about spirits on old books, cartoons, and media that exaggerate the abilities of a spirit, you may well think they float, fly, or glide from place to place. However, unless a spirit could do all of those things while alive, chances are they aren’t doing them in the afterlife.

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