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Tag: Perspective in Para-Media

Perspectives in Para-media: Haunted Encounters - Face to Face

…While real-world ghost hunters know that investigations are all-too-often lonely affairs of talking to oneself in the dark of the night, with paltry evidence to show for it, one would never know it from watching these para-reality shows…

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Perspectives on Para-media: “School Spirits”

“When it comes to paranormal TV, two broad, recurring approaches have emerged: The anecdotal (i.e. “the following is based on actual accounts”) and the (pseudo) scientific (i.e. “hey, everybody, we use a Mel Meter!”).”

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Perspectives on Para-media: Haunted Collector

“…There’s no question that one of the most effective methods of ensuring the success of movies, popular music, and TV shows is to find a formula and exploit it as long as it works…”

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