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Don't Fool Yourself, part 2

In my last blog I talked about editing software and how we can make mistakes using it and create false evidence. In this blog I want to focus a little more on gathering evidence in order to support your claims of paranormal activity.

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Creepy Creatures: The Mothman

The night is dark. The road is long. You hear a flapping of wings and see a strange set of glowing red eyes. A shriek fills the air. You are in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. What you have just heard is the legendary Mothman.

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EVPs and Frequency

I was recently asked if EVP’s are recorded at a certain frequency and how can I be sure if my recorder can record in that frequency range? So I started to research this and have ended up with more questions than answers. The biggest hurdle is how to answer a question that has not been scientifically proven to exist or not

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So I wanted to be a hacker....

“For those of you who feel that you are electronically impaired, like I did and feel that you can’t modify your own Ghost Box, do me a favor….do NOT go out and buy one on Ebay…do it yourself! Watch Arwin’s video and hack away! You can do it! If I did it, so can you!”

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The Angel of the Thames

“So if this Angel does exist, why is it here? These are some of the theories as to why the Angel appears.”

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Hey! That's not Paranormal! What is Carrie thinking?!

“I spend countless hours every week on YouTube searching for videos to showcase during our radio show. So, I figured why not blog about it too. I come across some pretty interesting videos on You Tube but I can only pick one each week. So I’ll use this as a forum to discuss the ones that didn’t make it on the radio show and maybe I’ll throw in a random fun fact as well. So keep an eye out and check back to this blog page every month for a new video.”

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"Does your group work with psychics?"

“…I told him MGH just preferred science over “feelings” because of the tangable proof it could provide. For example, due to an experience that MGH once had with a “fake” psychic at one point a while back. Then his eyebrow rose, I think that got his attention…”

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The Dark Side of Disney

One might ask, “Why would the happiest place on earth be haunted?”. Well, in my opinion, the answer is an easy one. Why WOULDN’T one want to spend eternity in the happiest place on earth?

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October MeetUp Investigation!

Every now and again Maine Ghost Hunters offers an opportunity to investigate with our team on one of our outings.  So far, this October, we have offered the unique investigation experience of spending time in the Mill Agent’s House in Vassalboro, Maine for an overnight investigation in October.   If you would like to join us, register on our site and check out the details.

The Mill Agent’s House was one of the season finale featured stories on the 2010 season of A&E Bio Channel’s “My Ghost Story” which ran this past summer.  Our team has pulled some impressive evidence from this location and the owner, who has been gracious enough to allow us to bring our meetup group to his home, has piles of evidence and personal stories that have been collected over the years.

Gift from a stranger

We went into The Henryton by way of the train tracks today. The > walk was long, hot, and a wee bit sticky. On the way in we realized > we forgot to bring water. Wonderful. And on the way out we realized I (Kat) may have forgotten my iPhone on the roof of our car. Ugh!

Tony said it wouldn't be there when we got back but I thought there was a possibility there are still some good people in this world.When we got back to our car we found this. My iPhone wrapped in napkins which were weighted down with rocks so people wouldn't see it and want to steal it.

I don't know who you are but thank you. From the bottom of my heart… You did a really nice thing for a stranger and It's not unappreciated. Pay it forward starts today (again, of course).

 An iPhone entry.

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