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Paranormal Unity - can't we all just get along?

I have a really simple retort to “we all have the same goal”, and it goes like this: “No. We really don’t.”

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Ethics….it’s not just for college students.

Ethics…sounds like a simple word, but in truth it can be very vast. It is what should guide us in the work that we do and in the life that we live. It is the compass we use to make decisions and the light we use to find our path. It is part of what separates us within the animal kingdom.

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Paranormal Unity

We are an internet society. Things posted on the World Wide Web become fact to some and if picked up by enough people, may even become viral, spreading like wildfire in chat rooms and coffee shops. Within the paranormal community the new buzzword is “Paranormal Unity”. It is being thrown around by groups and loosely used to define the way they believe the world should look. Has anyone really looked at what this phrase means and what impact it may have on the paranormal community?

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