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Aurora ORB-ealis??

“On a VERY cold October night in Valdez, Alaska two friends of mine and I decided to head out on our own little adventure…”

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Legend of the Skinwalkers

In the religion and cultural lore of Southwestern tribes, there are witches known as skinwalkers who can alter their shapes at will to assume the characteristics of certain animals. Most of the world’s cultures have their own shapeshifter legends. The best known is the werewolf, popularized by dozens of Hollywood movies. European legends as far back as the 1500′s tell stories about werewolves. (The modern psychiatric term for humans who believe they are wolves is lycanthropy.) The people of India have a were- tiger legend. Africans have stories of were-leopards and were- jackals. Egyptians tell of were-hyenas.

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Fire Ceremony

“Fire Ceremonies are wonderful during a New Moon, when you want to introduce newness into your Life.”

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