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The Glamor and the Grit

The “glamor” of paranormal isn’t always what it seems, and social networking will keep you thinking otherwise for as long as you’re gullible enough to believe it.

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Conspiracy Theory: Hollywood's Role

The rumor has always been, some of Hollywood’s most original – out of this world – fantastic big screen hits weren’t so “original” after all. What’s the truth behind that bit of gossip, I wonder. Do you?

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I am a Maine Ghost Hunter

“…Honestly … It’s all of this, and so much more.”

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Head to Head: Horror vs. Paranormal

“Drop me in front of a psychological thriller and, depending on the concept, it could be labeled “horror” and I’d be ok with it. One person’s psychological thriller is another person’s horror. In movies, and in paranormal investigating.”

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Correlations: Bigfoot and UFO Sightings

“The witness probably could have reached out and touched the bigfoot as it passed, yet it kept on walking like it was on a mission, never even noticing the witness was there.”

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Searchlight in the Sky

“…The entire event seemed quite plausible, all things considered, albeit a bit unusual.”

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Soul Collector

“…honestly, how would you take if it was your hand a palmist was reading and they said that about you?”

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