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How To Make A Latex Mold - Part 4

This is the final video in this 4 part series on how to make a latex mold. In part 4 we are going to make a plaster base that will hold our latex mold when we pour new casts. Be sure to check out parts 1 – 3 first.

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How To Make A Latex Mold-Part 3

Part 3 is here, Applying the latex. We are finally ready to take our cast of the Lynx prints and begin to apply the liquid latex until we have enough layers to give us a sturdy mold to make reproductions.

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How To Make a Latex Mold-Part 2

This is the second step to making our latex mold to reproduce the Lynx track we made casts of. In this part we will prepare the cast to accept the latex.

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How To Make a Latex Mold

Welcome to Tech Talk. This video blog is part 1 of 4 on how to make a latex mold of a plaster cast. In part 1 you will see how we made our original plaster castings of lynx prints we found while searching for Bigfoot in northern Maine.

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Scientific Vs. ?

One of the most used catch phrases you will see in the mission statement of a paranormal group is “we are a scientific based group.” What does this statement mean? Is there any other way to investigate paranormal activity?

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Happy New Year

It is now the year 2013 and 2012 is just a memory, but what a great memory it is. Maine Ghost Hunters Meet Up group went to 11 locations throughout 3 states traveling over 2000 miles to explore cemeteries, historical sites, hiking trails with hideouts for murderers and haunted woods. We even searched for the allusive Bigfoot. There were some really great moments in 2012.

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Pet Cemetery

When we have a little free time Teresa and I tend to jump in the truck and go out looking for cemeteries. It’s not often that you get a 45 degree sunny day in December so we took full advantage of the day and visited 3 cemeteries. We never knew these cemeteries were there even though I have driven by them thousands of times. The Last stop of the day was a Pet cemetery one of only two in Maine that I could find that was made for pets only. It was a great experience so I wanted to share it with all of you.

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The Geophone

This blog is on a very simple kit that you can buy and put together to make your own geophone for about $50. In this video we will talk little about how the geophone works. Breaking down the unit and simplifying the inner workings of the geophone.

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The New Investigator

You may have thought about what it would be like to go on a paranormal investigation and not just a historic tour or a theatrical production. Well you can and I am going to tell you how to do it and what you will need.

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Tech Advice

I tend to write about equipment that I own or would like to own, but I am going to change things up a little bit and write about what I have learned. For me getting involved with Maine Ghost Hunters has led me down so many different paths that I never thought I would be compelled to travel

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