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BBQ and Paranormal Investigation Fundraiser

Fundraising fun at its best!

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Bigfoot Hunting in the North Maine Woods

Hunting for Bigfoot in the North Maine woods. Is there a more adventurous time to spend a hot summer weekend?

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Bigfoot Hunting in the White Mountains

The White Mountains has a lengthy history of Bigfoot sightings…

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Fort Baldwin

A historic military gem overlooking the beautiful coastal waters of mid-coast Maine

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How To Make a Latex Mold-Part 2

This is the second step to making our latex mold to reproduce the Lynx track we made casts of. In this part we will prepare the cast to accept the latex.

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How To Make a Latex Mold

Welcome to Tech Talk. This video blog is part 1 of 4 on how to make a latex mold of a plaster cast. In part 1 you will see how we made our original plaster castings of lynx prints we found while searching for Bigfoot in northern Maine.

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Happy New Year

It is now the year 2013 and 2012 is just a memory, but what a great memory it is. Maine Ghost Hunters Meet Up group went to 11 locations throughout 3 states traveling over 2000 miles to explore cemeteries, historical sites, hiking trails with hideouts for murderers and haunted woods. We even searched for the allusive Bigfoot. There were some really great moments in 2012.

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To Tip Or Not To Tip?

They say that seeing is believing. For table tipping, seeing just wasn’t enough for me. I had to experience it myself. I am still in awe at how intense the whole experience was.

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Behind the Scenes - The people You Don't Know

For those who follow Maine Ghost Hunters (MGH) on twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any other media that we may be on then you may have seen some of the core members and investigators with MGH. What makes MGH work so well are all the people you have not had the chance to meet so this blog is going to be about hard working members that dedicate their time to making MGH successful.

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Community Outreach - An integral part of the Maine Ghost Hunters' experience.

Maine Ghost Hunters…We’re not just hunting ghosts

Being a part of the Maine Ghost Hunters team has been a wonderful and very exciting experience for me. While investigating haunted locations is great there is so much more to the Maine Ghost Hunters organization.

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