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Lights in the Sky

Two sightings of the same general phenomena within 6 months, with 2 witnesses to each occurrence. None of the witnesses were with each other, and all were in separate, but neighboring, towns when the events were observed.

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Façades posed as facts

Façades posed as facts. It’s a scenario most people aren’t too concerned with, and this is how predators predate and victims are targeted.

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But, you're why I'm here

If spirits can stick around because they’re still thinking about the living, then can spirits also be sticking around because the living keep them in their collective consciousness.

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Poltergeist Potential

The human brain is capable of wonders beyond measure, and it’s also capable of working in ways we cannot understand, and in some cases, we cannot control…

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The Fad of Bad

“when someone who’s been involved with paranormal for 5 years talks to me and tells me they’re all about “demonology” I immediately go to a cynical place…”

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Seriously Creepy

If an authentically ‘real’ paranormal investigation was put on national television it would likely be a snooze-fest for an overwhelming majority of its audience base. Why? Read on to learn more…

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This is war!

It really seems as though “shock factor” team-names have become “the new black” in paranormal…

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All they need is a little light, huh?

In my personal experience and opinion there is a distinct difference between “sending a spirit to the light” and “clearing a home”, and I guess that’s what I want to bring into focus here.

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The Realities of Paranormal Team Leadership

The good, the bad, and the ugly parts of leading a paranormal investigation team.

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