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Cemetery Musings: Strange Dates

While walking through old cemeteries, or even new ones, I am always interested in the dates. How old was the person when they died? What time period did they live in? One day I stumbled upon a date that baffled me.

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30 days have September, April, June and November... most people learned that little saying as kids to keep straight the months of the calendar that have 30 days from those that have 31. But it wasn't also that easy to keep track of the days, there was a time when telling the date was very confusing business. This posting will help explain why we sometimes see stones in colonial cemeteries with double dates.

Taphophile Corner - the Calendar

… “Officially, the date never existed. Neither did the 3′rd or the 4′th. In total 12 days were erased from time in order for London to be on the same day as say, Paris was.”

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