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My Paranormal Bucket List - Honeymoon Heartbreak At The Plains Hotel

Many strange noises are heard in the hotel, particularly near this honeymoon suite….

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My Paranormal Bucket List - Cortijo Jurado

The mansion, while beautiful, is reputed to have a very dark and sinister past. Many young girls disappeared from the area in the 1800’s, never to be found.

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My Paranormal Bucket List: The Kennesaw House

Those walls have seen – and most likely absorbed – the pain, suffering, and trauma of war. It appears that at least one surgeon is still at work, riding the elevator, and tending to his injured patients even after all these years. And, based on the children’s reports, Mrs. Fletcher is still watching over her inn….and them.

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My Paranormal Bucket List - Gwydir Castle

From the landscape to the castle itself, Gwydir is a thing of beauty. But beauty isn’t the only thing to be found within its historic walls.

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What Is Haunted?

Perhaps the question we should be asking is not “What is haunted?” but “What is NOT haunted?”

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My Paranormal Bucket List - Alcatraz

Take the country’s most horrific and dangerous criminals, and put them together in one place. Add mental illness, violence, and death, and you have the perfect formula for residual, and maybe even intelligent, hauntings.

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My Paranormal Bucket List - The White House

No wonder President Harry S. Truman noted in a 1946 diary entry, “Damn place is haunted sure as shootin’.” Well said, Mr. Truman, well said.

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A Missed Op-para-tunity

…As a teenager, I naturally realized that there were those who not only believed in the paranormal, but actively pursued it. At that point, I was far from ready to be a “ghost hunter,” but still I loved hearing about those who encountered things unexplainable. And then, during the wintry week between Christmas and New Year, I got to experience one such story up close…

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Signs that your house may be... err... ah... haunted.

“…Its important here that you know that there are two distinct forms of hauntings; intelligent hauntings, where the ghosts may interact with you or physical objects or a residual haunting, where the same scene out of time is played over and over again and the ghosts or ghost involved in the haunting do not interact with you…”

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"Haunted Woods" of Randolph, Maine

Locals say this place is haunted… we had to see for ourselves.

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