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Poltergeist Activity

According to the literature on the subject, poltergeist activity can be traced all the way back beyond 530 AD, appearing over a large cross section of cultures and generally exhibiting the same characteristics. But what is a poltergeist? The term poltergeist, which actually means noisy spirit, was first coined by the Germans. A name attributed to the phenomena before the nineteenth century, when an alternative basis of the disturbance was hitherto unknown. Given the rudimentary understanding of the time and lacking the technology that we currently have today, the unknown disturbances were quickly attributed to demons, spirits, ghosts or gremlins.

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The Ghost's of Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, author of the classic novel, A Christmas Carol, died before completing his final novel in 1870. The Mystery of Edwin Drood was being published in installments. Some speculate that Dickens maintained his loyalty to his readers post mortem by finishing his novel through a medium in Brattleborro,Vermont.

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Icelandic Ghost Lore and Tale

I’ve always been fascinated by the lore of different cultures. For instance, did you know that in Iceland, ghosts could be made by magic from a human bone? Called sendings, these ghosts were used as murderers, but they could be defeated. Once, for example, there lived a handsome widow who was much sought after as a wife. She refused all her suitors, however, including one who was skilled in wizardry. After that proposal, the widow, a prescient woman, put herself on guard.

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Hey! That's not Paranormal! What is Carrie thinking?!

“I spend countless hours every week on YouTube searching for videos to showcase during our radio show. So, I figured why not blog about it too. I come across some pretty interesting videos on You Tube but I can only pick one each week. So I’ll use this as a forum to discuss the ones that didn’t make it on the radio show and maybe I’ll throw in a random fun fact as well. So keep an eye out and check back to this blog page every month for a new video.”

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Taphophile Corner - Cemetery Legends

“It all begins with a meeting house that was built in 1793 in Readfield, Maine. At some point, a few decades later, the meeting house needed to be moved to Manchester. No one is exactly sure why, since… well… what records? It is said that the meeting house was loaded up onto logs and moved using oxen during one long cold winter.”

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She who laughs…

During the countless hours I spend searching for the perfect video of the week, I have found that these hoax videos have become sort of a welcomed break for me when I come across them. They give me a chance to laugh and relax instead of sitting ridged at the computer screen desperately trying to see or hear evidence that may or may not exist.

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