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Paranormal Investigator Etiquette 101

After going on several investigations and meet-ups I got to thinking, what is the proper “ghost hunter” etiquette? Or better yet, what is the proper “Maine Ghost Hunter” etiquette?

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ES Energy speaker

I have done many blogs in the past about EVP’s and how they are possibly created. The topic in this blog is about equipment that follows along with the same theories that I believe in and that is EVP’s are generated from electromagnetic frequencies that are picked up by the microphone on our recorders.

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Behind the Scenes - The people You Don't Know

For those who follow Maine Ghost Hunters (MGH) on twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any other media that we may be on then you may have seen some of the core members and investigators with MGH. What makes MGH work so well are all the people you have not had the chance to meet so this blog is going to be about hard working members that dedicate their time to making MGH successful.

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Audio Recording Devices - Part 3

The Sony ICD-SX-712 is a little more pricey than the other 2 recorders I use tipping the scale at just a little under $200. This recorders capability far exceeds the other two recorders put together.

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Audio Recording Devices - Part 2

The two digital recorders in my arsenal get used together when I am doing an EVP session. Using two recorders together will give me a better chance to understand what I am hearing

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Audio Recording Devices - Part 1

When it comes to recording audio there are so many recorders to choose from. What I look for in a recorder when buying a new one is functions and or features that none of my other recorders have.

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Don’t Fool Yourself

When it comes time to review all of the evidence you have collected there are many software products out there to help you with that long and daunting task. It seems that everyone has their favorite one to use, but when you finally get that new and improved program you need to be careful not to accidently fool yourself into thinking you just captured the best evidence ever

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EVPs and Frequency

I was recently asked if EVP’s are recorded at a certain frequency and how can I be sure if my recorder can record in that frequency range? So I started to research this and have ended up with more questions than answers. The biggest hurdle is how to answer a question that has not been scientifically proven to exist or not

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EVP's: Frequencies and Software

” Sound is produced by vibration in an object when it moves the molecules of the medium (i.e.; air, water or solid) that the object is in, in waves of pressure. These waves are called Frequencies and are measured in Hertz (Hz). Frequencies are best described as a unit of measurement of a wave traveling over time, basically how fast these waves are moving. “

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So I wanted to be a hacker....

“For those of you who feel that you are electronically impaired, like I did and feel that you can’t modify your own Ghost Box, do me a favor….do NOT go out and buy one on Ebay…do it yourself! Watch Arwin’s video and hack away! You can do it! If I did it, so can you!”

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