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Scientific Vs. ?

One of the most used catch phrases you will see in the mission statement of a paranormal group is “we are a scientific based group.” What does this statement mean? Is there any other way to investigate paranormal activity?

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The Geophone

This blog is on a very simple kit that you can buy and put together to make your own geophone for about $50. In this video we will talk little about how the geophone works. Breaking down the unit and simplifying the inner workings of the geophone.

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Tech Advice

I tend to write about equipment that I own or would like to own, but I am going to change things up a little bit and write about what I have learned. For me getting involved with Maine Ghost Hunters has led me down so many different paths that I never thought I would be compelled to travel

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ES Energy speaker

I have done many blogs in the past about EVP’s and how they are possibly created. The topic in this blog is about equipment that follows along with the same theories that I believe in and that is EVP’s are generated from electromagnetic frequencies that are picked up by the microphone on our recorders.

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Teck Talk - REM Pod

So what are you thinking of getting next when you buy a new piece of equipment? It seems to be a very popular question lately and has come up numerous times on our weekly radio show ZeroLux Radio on Blog Talk Radio. So I thought on this Blog I would write about what’s not in my equipment case, but may be there soon.

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Tech Talk - Mel Meter

I remember the day I got my Mel Meter and could not wait to try it out. Most people reading this blog will already know what a Mel Meter is or have at least seen them on most of the paranormal TV shows. There are many models out now with different functions, mine happens to be Mel-8704-R hybrid with the built in K-II meter.

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The largest lite that I have and also the one I use the most is the Phantom Lite Infrared (IR) flood light. With a whopping 50 hi powered LED’s this unit provides my camera with all the light I need in most situations.

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Sony has always been a favorite for me and their HVL-IRM infrared external light was the first light I ever purchased to assist my Sony HandyCam in nightshot mode. I have owned and used this light for many years now and it still performs as good as the day I purchased it.

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When it comes to lighting up a dark room with an IR light the Sima SL-100R does an excellent job, and at a reasonable cost too.

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When conducting an investigation you will find that most of us will wait until sun goes down and all becomes dark. Why though, it’s not because we enjoy stubbing our toes or tripping over unseen objects or because spirits are afraid of the light.

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