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The controversy of "orbs"

It’s a bone of contention between teams – a never ending topic of discussion and debate… orbs… where do you stand?

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The Ouija Controversy – Part 4: The Experience Concludes

“…Coincidentally, probably the darkest communication we ever received came from a stronger personality that referred to itself as “Mom.” This personality, whom “Bunny” feared, would appear randomly during sessions…”

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The Ouija Controversy – Part 3: The Experience

“…For my sister, the board was a relatively short-lived lark, typically indulged in only when I was on vacation from college. However, we discovered that her talent (for lack of a better word) was obtaining information about those who had passed – nearly always people she had never met…”

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The Ouija Controversy – Part 2: My Introduction

“As discussed in in my last blog entry, I’m not big into dire warnings and not one to accept without question the existence of demons, angels, or even ghosts. As an empiricist who needs to see it for myself, I also tend to buck up against being told what to believe.”

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The Ouija Controversy

“So, how can I be so sure that Ouija isn’t the doorway to evil that so many tell me it is? In truth, being a realist, I’m not SURE about anything, but also being a slave to logic, I simply can’t easily accept anecdotal evidence or organized religious dogma as fact.”

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