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It's Not about the Destination...It's about the Getting There - Pt. 1

As is typical with us, John and I took off from our house early in the morning so we could explore on our way there (& often on our way home too). We often look for old cemeteries, interesting old buildings or historic areas.

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Gone...but not Forgotten

One of my husband and mine’s favorite past times is to drive around looking for old cemeteries, old buildings, and other places of interest. We can often be spotted driving around in our truck or parked on the side of some old back road.

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Shadow People. Evil Spirits or Misunderstood ghosts?

“Some say shadow people are from the darker realm. Possibly demons? Many who have seen shadow people say that their encounters were accompanied with feelings of dead, fear and despair. Could these shadow people be creatures of the dark side?”

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