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My Paranormal Bucket List: The Kennesaw House

Those walls have seen – and most likely absorbed – the pain, suffering, and trauma of war. It appears that at least one surgeon is still at work, riding the elevator, and tending to his injured patients even after all these years. And, based on the children’s reports, Mrs. Fletcher is still watching over her inn….and them.

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The Tale of the Ghostly Bride

Untimely death, a broken heart, a ghost that appears as real as you or I…..really, what more could you want in a good ghost story? But is it just a story – a legend – or could it be something more?

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My Paranormal Bucket List - UAA's Wendy Williamson Auditorium

Add these amazing encounters to a myriad of unexplained events – flying objects, exploding lights, water and lights that turn on by themselves, disembodied voices, shadow figures, etc – and you have what appears to be an extremely active paranormal location.

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What Is Real?

We, as paranormal investigators, search high and low, in the dark, in the cold, trying to capture evidence of the unexplained. But what if some of the dead are far more visible than we ever imagined?

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Anderson Cemetery

Anderson Cemetery has a history of paranormal activity we couldn’t avoid!

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Gilson Road Cemetery

Anywhere there’s a history of Native Americans basically calling an area “soured ground” we’re likely going to find interesting.

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