April 21, 2014 Posted by Maine Ghost Hunters in general

Maine Ghost Hunters bloggers are making it rain…

… Raining killer blog entries, that is!    Maine Ghost Hunters is blessed to be among the ‘good company’ of paranormal enthusiasts and serious students of the subject, alike. And the best part is, they’re sharing their interests and knowledge-base twice a month, hitting all sorts of cool subjects, like; “my paranormal bucket list”, research topics about paranormal events of the present and the past, as well as straight-up opinion pieces.  MGH blog entries really do run the gamut, with a focus on what interests the individual blogger, so our site visitors get a sense of who each blogger is and where they’re coming from.  If you haven’t checked them out yet jump on over to “MGH Member Blogs” and have a look for yourself.  Twenty-Two pages chalk-full of blog entries dating as far back as 2008 are awaiting your perusal!

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