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This is the Member Blog area. All Maine Ghost Hunters official team members will be blogging in this area.

WMUR's Report on UFO's in NH

Whether alien spaceships, secret government projects or debris caught in the wind, they are actively investigated, even in New Hampshire.

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My Paranormal Bucket List - Honeymoon Heartbreak At The Plains Hotel

Many strange noises are heard in the hotel, particularly near this honeymoon suite….

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Psychic Dreaming

Currently the only support for psychic dreams comes in the form of anecdotal evidence (which is somewhat of an oxymoron). People have vivid dreams of plane crashes and if a plane crash occurs in the next few days – BAM! They’re psychic!

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Ohio's Mysterious Serpent Mound

Over the years the Serpent Mound site has gained a reputation as a “mystery spot”–a place where unexplained things happen with some frequency…

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Paranormal and Geology

Some researchers have suggested there could be a link between paranormal reports and geology.

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Lights in the Sky

Two sightings of the same general phenomena within 6 months, with 2 witnesses to each occurrence. None of the witnesses were with each other, and all were in separate, but neighboring, towns when the events were observed.

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Façades posed as facts

Façades posed as facts. It’s a scenario most people aren’t too concerned with, and this is how predators predate and victims are targeted.

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But, you're why I'm here

If spirits can stick around because they’re still thinking about the living, then can spirits also be sticking around because the living keep them in their collective consciousness.

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Poltergeist Potential

The human brain is capable of wonders beyond measure, and it’s also capable of working in ways we cannot understand, and in some cases, we cannot control…

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The Fad of Bad

“when someone who’s been involved with paranormal for 5 years talks to me and tells me they’re all about “demonology” I immediately go to a cynical place…”

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