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This is the blog for our Meetup group. If you'd like to learn more about our meetup, or join our meetup group, please click this link.

Summer Kick-Off

Summer Kick-Off at the Mill Agent’s House.

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Meetup Investigation: Spring Kick-Off

The Old American Woolen Mill was the place to be on this night. We didn’t see the events of this night coming, but we have a feeling, the spirits in the mill knew exactly who would be in their domain after sundown. What an amazing investigation!

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"Girl's Night Out" - All Girl Investigation!

It’s an Maine Ghost Hunters’ Original! The “Girl’s Night Out” – “All Girl Investigation” !

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A Green Hand Meetup

The Green Hand Bookstore is the place to be if you’re looking for interesting reads. Tell Michelle we sent you!

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Portland Public Market Meetup

The Portland Public Marketplace. Haunted? Or No? What’s your take?

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Maine Mall Meetup

A coffee-house style meetup held in the Maine Mall. Where were you that day?

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Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux Radio

Maine Ghost Hunters Presents: ZeroLux Radio

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Our .org overhaul - have you noticed?

How are you liking our complete website overhaul?

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2011 Coffee House Meetups Are Here!

2011 Winter Coffee House Meetups have begun!

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October MeetUp Investigation!

Every now and again Maine Ghost Hunters offers an opportunity to investigate with our team on one of our outings.  So far, this October, we have offered the unique investigation experience of spending time in the Mill Agent’s House in Vassalboro, Maine for an overnight investigation in October.   If you would like to join us, register on our site and check out the details.

The Mill Agent’s House was one of the season finale featured stories on the 2010 season of A&E Bio Channel’s “My Ghost Story” which ran this past summer.  Our team has pulled some impressive evidence from this location and the owner, who has been gracious enough to allow us to bring our meetup group to his home, has piles of evidence and personal stories that have been collected over the years.