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Gilson Road Cemetery

Anywhere there’s a history of Native Americans basically calling an area “soured ground” we’re likely going to find interesting.

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"Haunted Woods" of Randolph, Maine

Locals say this place is haunted… we had to see for ourselves.

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Murderer's Den

A “murderer” called this place “home” until he was captured, tried, and hung. Sounds like the exact type of place we’d like to explore.

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Cape Cod Cemetery Tour

Cape Cod’s cemeteries are worth the trip. Is there really much more to say about the subject? Probably not.

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America's Stonehenge

Ancient Stone Structures? Or a farmer’s successful attempt at pulling one over on folks looking for a bit of mystery…?

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The search for Sasquatch

August 3rd, 2012 at 5am I woke up and started to prepare for our camping trip, Maine Ghost Hunters Bigfoot hunting weekend camp out trip in the Northern Maine woods. Having lived up in that area for many years and it is also where I met my wife I was excited to get out in the seclusion of the woods. So with a smile on my face I packed the truck and was ready to begin the 300 mile trip.

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Buck's Tomb and Fort Knox

Buck’s Tomb – a destination point for travelers from around the globe. Have you been to it?

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Summer Cemetery Series: German Protestant

The German Protestant Cemetery was an educational experience in Art and History.

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Haunted Victorian Mansion

The Haunted Victorian Mansion has been haunted for generations. Would you dare to enter?

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Summer Cemetery Series: Eastern Cemetery

Eastern Cemetery was founded in 1668. History and art are among the many facets of this historic gem. Check it out if you’re in the area.

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