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This is the blog for our Meetup group. If you'd like to learn more about our meetup, or join our meetup group, please click this link.

Psychic and Sensitive Night - 2013

Brought back, by popular request, our “Psychic and Sensitive” investigation fundraiser was graciously co-sponsored by the gifted psychics of Merkaba Sol, Mill Agent’s House owner, Ray Breton.

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BBQ and Paranormal Investigation Fundraiser

Fundraising fun at its best!

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Super Saturday Sensitive Sessions

Saturdays at Merkaba Sol, studying film, taking notes, and learning about our processes of getting in touch with the spiritual realm…

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Merkaba Sol presentation

Maine Ghost Hunters presents at Merkaba Sol and donates funds raised to the Lungs for Shawn campaign.

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Skeptic Night investigation

The skeptic approach is how MGH rolls, and this meetup investigation crew was all about it…

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Psychic Night investigation fundraiser

It’s a ‘Lungs for Shawn’ fundraiser!

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Bigfoot Hunting in the North Maine Woods

Hunting for Bigfoot in the North Maine woods. Is there a more adventurous time to spend a hot summer weekend?

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Bigfoot Hunting in the White Mountains

The White Mountains has a lengthy history of Bigfoot sightings…

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Fort Baldwin

A historic military gem overlooking the beautiful coastal waters of mid-coast Maine

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Anderson Cemetery

Anderson Cemetery has a history of paranormal activity we couldn’t avoid!

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