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Parallel Universes

Parallel universes have always been used in science fiction as a great tool, but, as science fiction has a funny way of turning into fact (see Arthur C. Clark’s predictions) having parallel universes is getting very close to being a fact although they are theory at the moment.

But how can our universe (or the one we are in at the moment) exist at the same time as another one? Would the other universe be a mirror image of this universe or would it have the same stuff in it but the stuff act differently from what we are experiencing now?

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Find Out What It Means To Me

I truly believe that being respectful in all of these areas will lead to well-earned respect in return – respect for you as an individual and respect for your paranormal investigative abilities.

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The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is said to have started when five Navy planes took off from their base in Florida December 5, 1945 on a routine training mission known as Flight 19 – neither the planes nor the crew were ever seen again.
Long before the legend of the Bermuda Triangle became popular, Bermuda had already earned a reputation as an enchanted island. It was nicknamed “The Devil’s Islands” by early sea travelers, frightened by the calls of cahow birds and the squeals of wild pigs that could be heard on shore. But perhaps the most damning tales were told by sailors terrified of shipwreck on Bermuda’s treacherous stretch of reefs.

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Mythology of the Mummy Curse

“Death comes on wings to he who enters the tomb of a pharaoh.” Contrary to public belief, the above quote was not inscribed on the entrance to King Tutankhamens tomb. In 1923 British gothic novelist, Marie Corelli, sent a letter to The Times in London stating that she had an early Arabic book concerning the opening of Egyptian tombs. This book contained the curse, which was supposedly found on an anonymous tomb. Corelli went on, in her letter, to predict the death of the research team for breaching King Tuts tomb. Within days of receiving Corellis letter, Lord Carnarvon was dead. Within a few short years so was the rest of the expedition.

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My Paranormal Bucket List - Gwydir Castle

From the landscape to the castle itself, Gwydir is a thing of beauty. But beauty isn’t the only thing to be found within its historic walls.

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The Exeter Incident

One of my favorite extremely well-documented and investigated UFO case’s occurred in Exeter, New Hampshire in 1965. This case would make a huge impact on Ufology, and mainstream media as well. The Exeter events would be chronicled in an excellent book by investigative writer John G. Fuller, titled, “Incident at Exeter.” Look magazine also ran a two-part series on the events, bringing the case to the minds of millions of people.

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Shaman Petroglyphs of Maine

There are over 500 petroglyphs at nine sites in Machias Bay in Maine. All were made between 380 and 3,000 years ago. According to Mark Hedden, an archaelogist for the Maine State Historical Commission, they are the work of tribal Shamans (medicine men) of the Passamaquoddy Tribe and may represent an evolution of the public performances of the interaction between shaman and spirit.

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The Tale of the Ghostly Bride

Untimely death, a broken heart, a ghost that appears as real as you or I…..really, what more could you want in a good ghost story? But is it just a story – a legend – or could it be something more?

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Derry, NH's "The Derry Fairy"

The story first told of an unnamed man who, on Dec. 15, 1956, went out into the woods of Derry, NH to harvest Christmas trees. The woodsman looked up from his work and was startled to see something staring silently back at him. It was, to his amazement, a little green critter that stood only about 2 feet tall.

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The Mythology of May Day

Beltane is considered one of the most important of the ancient holidays. It’s history goes back further than records exist. It is a time for renewal, regrowth and fertility – for the land, livestock, wild animals, and humankind. It welcomes summer, the awakening of the earth and personal growth. The holiday begins at sundown on April 30th and continues through sundown on May first. However, due to calendar changes over the centuries, in years past, it was actually celebrated several days later allowing for more plants to be in bloom. Celebrations of this holiday are held as late as May 5th.

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