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Taphophile Corner - Cemetery Legends

“It all begins with a meeting house that was built in 1793 in Readfield, Maine. At some point, a few decades later, the meeting house needed to be moved to Manchester. No one is exactly sure why, since… well… what records? It is said that the meeting house was loaded up onto logs and moved using oxen during one long cold winter.”

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Taphophile Corner - Scribe Identification

“I am fascinated by this particular Scribe. In my opinion he stands out as a Colonial Picasso if you will.

This identified carver, Joseph Sykes was born in Wilbraham, MA on April 9, 1743. This date is key due to the fact that his father was also named Joseph Sykes (1715-1802). It is not know for sure if the senior Sykes was a carver, but there is a good chance he may have been. Birthdates are key pieces of information when identifying generational scribes, since their carving styles tend to be so similiar. It gives us a range of possible carving time for each person. It is known that Mr. Sykes carved well into the 1790′s. His works appear throughout southern Maine and as far away as CT.”

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"Does your group work with psychics?"

“…I told him MGH just preferred science over “feelings” because of the tangable proof it could provide. For example, due to an experience that MGH once had with a “fake” psychic at one point a while back. Then his eyebrow rose, I think that got his attention…”

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She who laughs…

During the countless hours I spend searching for the perfect video of the week, I have found that these hoax videos have become sort of a welcomed break for me when I come across them. They give me a chance to laugh and relax instead of sitting ridged at the computer screen desperately trying to see or hear evidence that may or may not exist.

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Taphophile Corner – Forbidden Iconology

Is it because the symbol is long said to bring luck and enlightenment? Is that what makes it so desirable to the power-hungry? We will never truly know what was in the minds of those who hijacked this ancient cross of good will, and perverted it’s meaning.

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Taphophile Corner - the Anatomy of a Stone

There was a definite shift in grave markers in the 1800′s. Missing are the fancy borders, long epitaphs and beautiful scroll writing. Many credit the Civil War for this shift. From 1861 to 1865 hundreds of thousands met with untimely deaths…

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Taphophile Corner – An Introduction

… The small cemetery was the resting place of many of my relatives, including my great grandparents, who’s home we always stayed in while on the island. This cemetery became my secret place.

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The Dark Side of Disney

One might ask, “Why would the happiest place on earth be haunted?”. Well, in my opinion, the answer is an easy one. Why WOULDN’T one want to spend eternity in the happiest place on earth?

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Updating imported blog entries

Maine Ghost Hunters Team Lead Avatar I've spent quite a bit of time assessing the situation and came to the conclusion there's more control to be had with our blog if we house it on our own server. So we successfully installed our blog onto our Maine Ghost Hunters server and have begun the process of importing all the entries we can, and fixing up the ones that can be saved… while deleting the rest.

So far, it's going well and things are looking pretty good.

And..... of course...

Our original blog entries which included video footage of our investigations was housed over on our blog site.  Vox has shut its doors which led us to migrate over to WordPress.  As luck would have it, our video footage did not make it from there to here.  We’ll try and get the videos up and running… if it can be done.  If it can’t, well, you’ll notice that immediately because there won’t be any videos to watch.

However, we do have almost all of our team’s available videos available for viewing over on our channel.  Check it out, it’s pretty ripe with investigation footage. .