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Seriously Creepy

If an authentically ‘real’ paranormal investigation was put on national television it would likely be a snooze-fest for an overwhelming majority of its audience base. Why? Read on to learn more…

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This is war!

It really seems as though “shock factor” team-names have become “the new black” in paranormal…

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All they need is a little light, huh?

In my personal experience and opinion there is a distinct difference between “sending a spirit to the light” and “clearing a home”, and I guess that’s what I want to bring into focus here.

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Places That Don't Impress Me: Winchester House

I find the Winchester Mystery House fascinating in its design, history, and legacy – but I do not, in the least, find this location to be a place haunted for the reasons Mrs. Winchester built this house. Read on to learn why…

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My Paranormal Bucket List - Cortijo Jurado

The mansion, while beautiful, is reputed to have a very dark and sinister past. Many young girls disappeared from the area in the 1800’s, never to be found.

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Will the REAL Maine Ghost Hunters Please Stand Up?

Guest blogger Christine Coletta describes her experience with Fraud in Paranormal, recounting her interaction with another team who falsely represented themselves as Maine Ghost Hunters – an occurrence that happens more often than we’d like to admit. Here’s her story…

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Paranormal Unity - can't we all just get along?

I have a really simple retort to “we all have the same goal”, and it goes like this: “No. We really don’t.”

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Animal Investigators

Animals on investigation teams – gimmick, or real-deal?

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3rd Eye Blind

What is the role of the psychic investigator within the matrix of Maine Ghost Hunters?

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How do you perceive paranormal occurrences?

Paranormal perception – what’s your take?

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