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Angels of Christmas

Angels form a significant part of Christmas legends. In Greek, the word ‘angel’ means messengers. In the popular Christmas stories, angels are the messengers of God, who played a prominent part in the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. They are personified as heavenly creatures with a pair of wings and a halo. The wings symbolize immortality, virtue, peace, love, cleanliness and innocence, while the halo is the symbol of their native to heaven. Many fairy tales and bedtime stories are centered on them and their good deeds done to humankind. Read on to know more about Christmas angels.

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The Ghost's of Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens, author of the classic novel, A Christmas Carol, died before completing his final novel in 1870. The Mystery of Edwin Drood was being published in installments. Some speculate that Dickens maintained his loyalty to his readers post mortem by finishing his novel through a medium in Brattleborro,Vermont.

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Battling the Spider-Demon

Even the bravest of mortals quailed before the wrath of night goblins, as shown by a tale of ancient Japan. In that country there lived a nobleman named Raiko, who boldly undertook to rid the city of Kyoto of its demons. Retaliation by the fiends of darkness was swift. A wasting fever struck the hero. For many days and nights he lay in his chamber, guarded by companions but assailed by sick fancies. And on a night a-swarm with dreams, the visions gathered solid form. Raiko awoke and found himself chained to his pallet by countless silken filaments. Above him waved many-jointed, bristling legs. Huge eyes glittered. Raiko had become a spider’s prey.

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New Hampshire's Ghost Tale of Ocean-Born Mary

This is one of my favorite ghost stories from my home state of New Hampshire…

Elizabeth and James Wilson were Irish immigrants from Londonderry, Ireland. In 1720 they set sail for America. They had been granted some land in Londonderry, New Hampshire, and were hoping to start a new life there.

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An Unfinished Death

When the coffin lid shut upon a corpse, it marked the slamming of the door between the worlds of dead and living. That portal opened only in one direction, and none might learn what lay beyond until their own last day and hour. But there were always those of inquiring mind who, undeterred by ancient taboo, craved to uncover these secrets. In northern Italy the tale was told of an old peasant couple, dwelling in a remote hill village, who made a pact to help each other penetrate the mystery. Sitting one night by the fire, talking of life and death, they swore a solemn vow: Whoever went first to the land of mists should return to tell the other what waited beyond the grave.

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The Perfect Hiding Place

Several English houses were haunted by spectral brides, but none more poignantly than Marwell Hall, near Owslebury in Hampshire. In this case, the bride suffered an appalling fate on her wedding day

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The Whowie

The tribes ofAustralia’s riverlands told of a season when their ancestors were plagued by an unknown destroyer. Young men went on walkabout and never returned, mothers woke to find their children snatched from their sides, men standing sentry were seized if their weary eyes closed for an instant.

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Denmark’s Exorcised Ghosts

In Denmark, ghosts that had been exorcised-forced down into the earth and pinned in place with a stake driven through the heart-did not rest easily.

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Ghost Children Who Called From The Dark

Among the various sorts of ghosts that confronted travelers, few were as piteous as the navky, haunters of Slavic lands. They were the spirits of children who had died un-baptized or at their mother’s hands.

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Little Red Riding Hood (Based on a German Folktale)

All kids know the tale of Red Riding Hood and her miraculous escape from a wolf. The kids of earlier centuries, however, heard a more sober version:

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