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Animal Investigators

Animals on investigation teams – gimmick, or real-deal?

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3rd Eye Blind

What is the role of the psychic investigator within the matrix of Maine Ghost Hunters?

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How do you perceive paranormal occurrences?

Paranormal perception – what’s your take?

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I'm Tired. Let's Investigate!

Have you ever found yourself completely drained of energy during an investigation and didn’t know why? hmmmmm….

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The controversy of "orbs"

It’s a bone of contention between teams – a never ending topic of discussion and debate… orbs… where do you stand?

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A Residual Pet Peeve

One of my biggest paranormal pet peeves…

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Intelligent vs. Residual

There’s intelligent hauntings and there’s residual hauntings… which are you dealing with?

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'Finding Bigfoot' in MidCoast Maine?

Rumor has it, as of November 2013, the film crew of “Finding Bigfoot” is coming to MidCoast Maine…

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The Realities of Paranormal Team Leadership

The good, the bad, and the ugly parts of leading a paranormal investigation team.

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Bigfoot: A Moral Dilemma?

The fracture is clear; to kill or not to kill? That is the question.

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