My Paranormal Bucket List - Honeymoon Heartbreak At The Plains Hotel

One of the things I enjoy most about haunted locations is learning the history. Our next trip takes us to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where we learn a tragic tale of betrayal at its worst.

The Plains Hotel was completed in March of 1911. It boasted five stories and 100 guest rooms. It truly was a “premier hotel,” and its fine furnishings and luxurious accommodations attracted the wealthy and famous.

A bride named Rosie and her new groom checked into the Plains Hotel on their honeymoon. One night, the groom left the honeymoon suite to go downstairs for a drink. While there, he met a prostitute and fell prey to her charms. When Rosie began to worry that her husband had been gone a long time, she left the room to find him. As she arrived at the bar, she saw him leaving with the woman. She followed them as this woman escorted him to her fourth-floor room. Rosie entered the room, and in a jealous rage, shot both the prostitute and her husband. She then returned to her honeymoon suite, and with a shattered heart, turned the gun on herself.

Many strange noises are heard in the hotel, particularly near this honeymoon suite. The housekeeping staff occasionally hears laughter and often hears weeping coming from the room. But upon entering, they discover the room is empty.

Apparitions of all three spirits have been seen as well. Rosie is most often seen on the second floor, wearing a long, blue gown. The groom has been seen throughout the hotel, dressed in a formal black dress coat and a white shirt. He is most frequently seen in the basement and on the fourth floor, the scene of his betrayal and murder. Even the prostitute makes appearances. She is most often seen on the second floor wearing a short red dress with white lace. One employee reported seeing her near a mannequin dressed as a bride as part of a Halloween display. As he spotted her, the mannequin inexplicably toppled to the ground. When he looked up from the mannequin, the woman in red had simply disappeared.

It is a truly heartbreaking story. The dreams of newly-wedded bliss shattered by betrayal and ending in a  murder-suicide. Three lost souls still roaming the halls of the hotel, trapped in a nightmare of love gone wrong. One can only hope that they, and especially Rosie, can someday find peace and move on to a better, and much less painful place.

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