This is war!

The title should really be the intro to this blog entry.   I’d like to preface this blog entry by saying I have nothing personal against any team, or individual, who present themselves in this manner.  It’s simply a presentation I don’t fully understand, and one which I challenge without thought simply due to the nature of why I understand paranormal investigation teams to exist.

So let’s get to the point here.  There are paranormal investigation groups who present themselves to the public with names that contain some pretty aggressive wording, and it gets me.  I mean, I’m not sure if they’re using these words to shock the general public into remembering who they are, or if they’re thinking they’ll be taken more seriously than groups with more casual names which reflect, simply, what they do as paranormal investigators.  And, of course, there’s always that thought which runs through my mind – “maybe they really do feel passionately they they actually *are* what their team title says…”, which can be pretty concerning and a little confusing when you consider some of these team names contain words such as; warriors, soldiers, cops, police, demon, extreme, etc…  – the list goes on and on.

I guess one of the points I’m eventually going to arrive at is, maybe these teams think they’ll be taken more seriously by the public if they come off more “bad ass” than their fellow peer groups… ?  I don’t know.  I can’t answer this quasi-question because, honestly, I have no idea why anyone would want to have a name that has such a heavy connotation to it.   If a group calls themselves a name with the word “warrior” in it, I wonder what they mean by it.  Are they warriors for God? What if their clients don’t believe in God?  Are they warriors against the spirits in someone’s haunted location?  If yes, then shouldn’t there first be a sincere attempt (multiple attempts, if it’s actually sincere) to determine a location is haunted by a spirit presence that actually deserves the attention of a “warrior”? Because the term “warrior” is pretty heavy stuff.  The same with “soldier” and “cop”.  Just because a spirit is active doesn’t mean it intends harm.  And just because a spirit causes fear doesn’t mean there isn’t a misunderstanding going on.  Which brings me to my next point;

Even though these dramatic team names seem to be popping up all over the place, making it seem like there’s an equitable ‘supply and demand’ level of need for such heavy-handed brute-force type of approaches to take care of paranormal situations for those plagued with them, the truth is actually quite ‘less exciting’.  The truth is, there are very few cases of paranormal activity that demand the attention of a demonologist or any sort of paranormal investigation group who presents themselves in an authoritarian manner. Furthermore, those cases that do demand the attention of a demonologist or a team that handles only “extreme” cases, would very likely be handled in the completely opposite way in which these hard-hitting-titled teams present themselves.  Affronting an overwhelming spirit presence with ego is a great way to escalate a situation to a more severe level and any paranormal investigator worth their salt would go to great lengths to avoid such a situation.

It really seems as though “shock factor” team-names have become “the new black” in paranormal, and it’s really quite something.  If a team’s work speaks for itself then having a flashy name to attract attention becomes quite unnecessary, but as many in paranormal need reminding of, the key is, they actually have to “work” to gain the reputation they hope their flashy, eye-catching, team name will immediately afford them.

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