Seriously Creepy

The fact of the matter is most people who are interested in paranormal, but who aren’t researchers or investigators, are very likely obtaining their knowledge base through mass media.  The fuel to their paranormal passion is had by watching “paranormal reality” television shows, YouTube videos, or the like, and let’s be honest here, there is very little “reality” in most “paranormal reality” media.  So, for those whose paranormal passion lives and dies according to which “ghost hunting” shows are available to watch, we’d expect much of the same type of diet, and much of the same type of cravings.

For the average paranormal investigator it’s plain knowledge, things rarely ever happen in “real life” investigations like they’re portrayed on TV.  In real life, paranormal investigations are generally done from a stationary standpoint in order to keep unaccounted-for sounds to an absolute minimum.  They’re done in all hours of the day, in environments that are much smaller, and in locations which are generally quite ordinary – which is a total buzzkill to the average “paranormal reality” viewer.   Television viewers want to see paranormal teams in intense situations, super haunted by angry spirits, and if the investigators can get hurt during an episode that’s even better!

If an authentically ‘real’ paranormal investigation was put on national television it would likely be a snooze-fest for an overwhelming majority of its audience base.  Why?  Because in real-life-investigations respectable and responsible teams try to keep the drama to an absolute minimum.  People still have to live and/or work in the environments these investigations are taking place and sensitivity for these facts is a foremost concern if the team conducting the investigations is more concerned about the client location than the ratings an episode will receive.  Therein lies the catch, eh?  So, in lieu of “ratings” we realize the viewers want “creepy”, not authentic, and not real, investigation experiences.  They’ll trade what paranormal investigations are really like – quiet, low key, sans drama, for what they think investigations should be like, which is a more Hollywood-esque presentation, complete with unnecessary, and oftentimes unreal, drama – lots of background music and a ton of sounds for that added eerie-feeling affect.

The creepier the location the higher the watch-factor, right?  For people who feast on paranormal reality TV; those who aren’t paranormal investigators; or those investigators without as much experience as seasoned investigators, the answer is a resounding “yes!”.  Cravings must be quenched, and only “creepy” will get the job done.  Danger must be around every corner or the thrill will never be achieved!  But, to those of us who investigate the paranormal on a regular and routine basis (at least once a month, and more for the more passionately inclined) “creepy” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and the thrill is rarely ever in the equation.  In all honesty, “creepy” to a seasoned paranormal investigator – in terms of visual appeal – would probably directly equate to “unsafe and needs to be condemned”, and even then there would be that lingering thought – “just because it looks creepy doesn’t mean it’s haunted”.

Creepy?  Yeah, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  Seriously.

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