Poltergeist Potential

The human brain is such a powerful organ, and one of which we know very little.  However, what we’re pretty sure we know about some of its mysterious abilities is that it’s possible to move things with our minds, and pre-pubescent children – particularly young girls – are prone to causing telekinetic disturbances worthy of note.  So, if children are able to cause poltergeist activity, why are we not considering, more seriously, the possibility that adults could also be causing such activity – regardless if there is a verifiable haunting in their location, or not?

It’s such a curious, curious, thing to me.  And I liken it to a scenario such as the following; you’re blindfolded and put into a room with 2 types of bees; 100 yellow jackets and 5 bumble bees.  Something you do causes you to be stung. Logic tells you that you were probably stung by a yellow jacket, but that logic doesn’t supersede the fact that you could have been stung by bumble bee.

The argument for poltergeist activity is somewhat similar.  While it is likely poltergeist activity is caused by a child’s natural telekinetic ability or a “noisy ghost”, every single person with a functioning brain in the environment is also a potential source for the telekinetic movement of physical objects.  It’s not that “no adult could be responsible for the poltergeist activity” it’s that, to our current knowledge base, “there is a very small possibility an adult is responsible for poltergeist-like activity”.  That said, I’d also like to add that just because a haunting has been verified does not preclude the notion that the poltergeist activity isn’t actually caused by the excited mind of someone who feels victimized.  I mean that in a “placebo affect” type of manner.

For example; A person’s home is haunted; the person thinks all spirits have the ability to move things, turn on electronics, flip on and off lights, etc… when, in fact, this is not the case.  But being so convinced, and living in fear of such phenomena, they actually cause the phenomena to happen and then, of course, they attribute the causes of the phenomena to the presence of the spirit.  Are these occurrences happening because the spirit is present?  The answer is “yes”.  Is the spirit causing the phenomena?  The answer is, at best, “this cannot be determined while both are in the environment at the time of the phenomena”.

The human brain is capable of wonders beyond measure, and it’s also capable of working in ways we cannot understand, and in some cases, we cannot control.  To consider it is responsible for things we have very little understanding of is not such a far fetched notion, at least not for the topic of “paranormal”.

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